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True story based on a true story about four women in their 80s who go cross country to watch the Super Bowl with Tom Brady and of course Brady makes it a cameo appearance there, Gronk is in there. Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman, and solely Sally Field, of course, a two time Academy Award winner. And I had a chance to talk to her yesterday about the movie and I ask her how familiar she was with Tom Brady's accomplishments when she started the movie. Pretty aware of them. I can't say I'd seen every single solitary game, but I raised three sons. So football has always been in my life and I've been then it became when they left and all grew up. I kind of stuck with me as what I do. So I was very aware of his astonishing achievements. Yeah. How does this script get to you? And then what's your reaction? Well, it got to me from my friend Jane Fonda. She and I had been trying to work together many many times over the years.

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