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As we continue Gregg Jarrett is with us following news round of information overload our we'll get back to the liberal left wing insanity at the top of the hour but hi David shown is with us as we continue we await the release of the R. I G. report on Faiza abuse we all agree tell me if I'm wrong yes or no that we expect they will discover that all four five applications were flawed and the warrants were obtained illegally and is of course McCabe one said the deputy FBI director no dossier no Faiza warrants is that true do you all agree that will be the conclusion I think it's inevitable it has to be the conclusion and people need to be held responsible if the crime to light would judge it constitutes numerous felonies to put it simply any person who why is to a judge has committed a lawless act and you know nobody's above the law so I would expect there to be criminal referrals I would hope the DOJ would then pursue them in front of the grand jury last four David Jones the I. G. has to find improprieties I hope we see more teeth at this record I know my car with very well I respect form he makes his even as background in exposing a lack of integrity I hope it has teeth in it though and really calls it illegal that's going to be the question for me to watch well they were illegally obtained they were legally obtained do we not have the evidence that they this was premeditated fraud and they never they said something's verified but it's unverifiable doesn't get any more clean than that does it I agree with you one hundred percent I want to see it in the report all right well I was looking for in the report all the judges and their reaction to being lied to things I want to see that too I've been dying to see that all right eight hundred nine four one Shawn toll free telephone number you want to be a part of this extravaganza news roundup information overload we got a couple of insane liberal stories we're gonna share. engine earlier we'll get to that next read ahead. reserved for German Jerome Powell is continuing to believe the economy is not headed into recession expectation is not at all that they'll be a recession I did mention though that there are these risks and we're monitoring them very carefully and we're conducting policy in a way that will will address them if Powell indicated the fed would lower interest rates to make sure the economy continues to expand the lieutenant governor of Texas Dan Patrick says he's willing to take an arrow and defy the national rifle association Patrick is supporting efforts to close a loophole in background checks which allow private purchasers to skirt a background check the Naval Academy is investigating a report that the news was hanged on academy property on the fifty sixth anniversary of the March on Washington the CDC is recommending people not vape until we know what's causing hundreds of cases of major lung problems and.

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