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A lot of buys in some games that you don't have lines right now. The Pittsburgh Steelers traveled to Jacksonville to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars sky. Book has the Jaguars minus are sorry. I can't read plus six I can't blame you for mistaking that how Platz at homeboy that is it has been a tough tumble for the Jags ever since they blew it to your boys over in London a couple of weeks ago. A lot of a lot issues in that locker room some weird. Jalen Ramsey stuff on Twitter. I still think that the Jags are, you know, they're better than this. Their defense. You have to give them credit for so plus six I I will definitely take Jacksonville with those points. Okay. I want to play this over under game a little bit here. I want to start the over on her. And I feel it. I feel like you woke up feeling dangerous in terms of your over under ability. So I think I think you're good. I think the past couple of weeks you had. Yes. And it's you went to the sports columnist. It's been dealt with. I hit the volume face on a free throw. Yes. I'm I'm trying to shake it. The that is your typical free throw shooting motion whoever. So let's go Oakland Raiders Arizona Cardinals. What's the overhaul? My god. That is okay. Is that I'm guessing that's a low of the week who knows could be the high. No, it's not. Let's say forty. One and a half. That's a respectable guests. I feel like you're back forty and a half. Okay. All right. I'll take that back. Your back confidence is the key here. Just like Jimmy Butler said the NBA it's a mental game and picking lines mental game. All right, sky sky doesn't have this game listed. Sky book doesn't have this gain listed right now because of the uncertainty about where it's going to be play. It looks like it's gonna be played in LA. Kansas City and Los Angeles. We're gonna go to another site. What's the over on her? Well, a couple of weeks ago think we said it was fifty nine or something. So. I'm gonna say it went up a little bit since then because the Rams look pretty bad on defense. They give up a ton of points the Seahawks last week. I will say it's sixty and a half. Even with the Cooper Cup injury. Oh. And I'm not trying to. I feel like who wants to be millionaire me so I will go I will stay at sixty half. Well, I was trying to reverse psychology. And get you to go up. It is sixty three and a half. Oh. That is a gigantic number, sir. Huge. That's got to be the biggest line in in years. I think I can't think of. NFL? Oh, yeah. And we could we could get this these Super Bowl you want. Well, I would prefer the Packers to be in it. But well that I think that this is it is or throw the saints in their. Yeah. Any combination of those three teams would be really really fun. I I wanna see Mahomes of verbal I've said this before I just had this feeling that it's either going to be the young up and coming quarterbacks in the chiefs and the Rams or the veterans in the saints in the patriots. Yeah. I don't think you're I don't think you can mix and match. I just I don't think it works that way. Yeah. I don't think it's it can't be Brady and Gough is what you're saying. Talk about two different quarterbacks to. Yeah. Different. Well, all right. I'm not thrilled with that. But you missed the first one by one, and that's that was impressive. We'll take fifty percents. Just like Marquel? Foles former free throw shooting. Now, it's probably zero. So that's cool. Have that to look forward to tomorrow night? If man, you know, we're not gonna get into this too much. But if I was the other team, I would just put him on the line every seconds on the court. Yeah. Yeah. It would break him. You would you would break his head. You would you would have to take him out of the game. Especially if it was like a road game for the Sixers needed. You have the crowd just booing in like crazy in Boston. She's thrown off that would be comment in Boston..

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