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I don't i don't think of course license hit me about your timeshare kidnap those now that korean family ninety four i don't completely forget that he's just like i'm bigger than you have got more money and i'll just talk over you you try to get a joke on me he always wears one of his rings like he anywheres house shoes everywhere oh yeah the dreams yet he's a dj now and also share yeah cop me someone got him too big miranda that took me out is the only person who's everybody look give himself nicknames and no one batman i was just like it's fine cool please out tear down our our city sir yeah shack i we haven't a conversation the office i he was the most recognizable human on the planet and i didn't hear a single good retort against it who who's listed i'm trying to jordan hall to be up there the i guess i i would would just just look look for big white hat be i guess people were saying obama and trump which i i don't disagree with but like obama specifically i could see a lot of people being like that can't be obama like i yeah like with the thing you shack most recognizable right yeah okay yeah so you could recognize check from two blocks down what i'm saying yes alive maybe the answers manute bol even he's also debtor than shack recognize him like grab that definitely wasn't manute bol because he.

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