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Then westbrook. Do you recognize my problem? How to get those word Cup without having most of them slop over into the Sasha. That is only part of the difficulty before taking any action. However, I want you as the teacher who will be giving the examination who have a full say all decisions concerning the war. Well, thank you. Mr. the that Barings brevity is faulty needed here. I have been casting about for the one word that would sum up the essence of this pride. How to instead of giving a test with merely straight question. I thought I consult with you about the possibility of having a brief composition pharma potett, well that composition that could be judged along with the other questions because not only are different penmanship, but also originality of basic clever phraseology. The word which embodies those. Earlier. The correct one replace however, the ball going to the engraver I made up my mind to do nothing without your go ahead. Miss brooke. Well after all it's only fair. No, it seems to me appending your approval naturally NAT got that in. It seems that the word unique most closely typifies what Iraq unique means unmatched without unequal. Unlike anything else? Westbrook's how about having the inscription read the Yoda rich award for unique achievement inning. I knew you'd like. Mattress quote toasting copy all thanked. Well, we certainly accomplished a lot while you were in the kitchen Margaret, yes, indeed just shows you what can be done what Mr. confident I put his head together. Teamwork. That counts of spirit of cooperation. Oh that must be Walter now, excuse me. Greetings, perishable possible English. Teachers. Morning. Event of all possible pupil come in. You see before you were bear. Cheerful tidings, you are hereby invited to a party tonight. Thanks, walter. I have some fighting for you to Vermont ended the dynamic. Okay. Miss brooks. I just called Harriet Konkan to invite her to the party, and she told me your father was really on the warpath this morning. We couldn't find one of his socks or something. Not now. Walter. Begnaud.

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