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President Trump, Brad Kavanagh, FBI discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


Autumn tradition. The DNR says tree showing early color could become too stressed because of the water in field to turn color before dropping leash areas in the northern part of the state already reporting more than sixty percent of their trees going through the fold change the woman the woman accusing supreme court nominee Brad Kavanagh of sexual assault. Now says she won't testify unless there's a full FBI investigation into her allegations, Dr Christine buzz, let's say Ford's attorney says there's no reason to rush into a public hearing Republicans on Capitol Hill say there's no reason. To delay ABC's. Elizabeth her FBI has already completed one background check on cavenaugh President Trump could request another to look at the new investigation. But the president making it clear he has no intention to do. So and overnight the president tweeting the supreme court is one of the main reasons I got elected president. I hope Republican voters and others are watching and studying the Democrats playbook Kavanagh does plan to testify on Monday. Whitewater city council member once you w chancellor Beverly copper to step down this after the council member claims coppers husband he'd hill groped her after an investigation into another sexual harassment case claim to have merit hill was banned from campus. State Senator Steve NAS also looking for copper to resign saying there's no positive future for the school under her leadership coming up a speed bump in the brewers road to the playoffs. WTMJ news time seven oh. Five voters cruise the kindle.

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