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I. You called it quits after that. Oh, yeah. Good. Good move one swat visit. And i'm. That's the that's the limit Elissa. Thanks for your call. Another police story. Yeah. Right. A rightful case of somebody actually did something right? Susan in Ewing, New Jersey one zero one point five. And apparently she just had a gun pulled on her now. Gary, but your call will now be disconnected are disconnected it, but I just wanted to make it seem like we did it, right? Like, we had the upper hand is we're bad asses. She just hung up on us. Yeah. Thanks a lot Bill and Morgantown, you're on New Jersey one at one point five. Hey, how you doing? I love your show. Thank you Bill. We were we were working on a doing testing on the pipeline and CA. And it goes like right through somebody property, and we were out there working on it. And all of a sudden, the guy walks up in full, tears, and is holding a gun at us. So we told her we told the supervisor at the time. He went up, and he started talking to the guy they called the police and everything. And they came out, and I don't know if the guy, but they brought him in and they talked to him. So. They don't want the pipeline. Yeah. Why would he pulling a gun on? Do you think? He was the think you were doing something nefarious. I don't know. I guess they I guess they just don't want it or they don't want the pilot. Yeah. He just told us to get off his property. Sounds like the old west the pipeline thing all these pipelines. There's always like I can't believe that they're allowed to do this. Let's take somebody's property and put it through and Bill. Thanks for your call. We have another Bill from Pennsylvania. You're on New Jersey one point five. Yeah. You're doing okay. Yeah. I was at my office one day, we heard some commotion outside and copper so outside. So well, let's go down check it out. So walk out the door and lo and behold, there's fourteen officers gunned down would what what did you done? I didn't do anything apparently, apparently, my son and his friend were playing around. They had one of those little plastic guns shoot the little beads and they were playing around in the yard. Well, they want to come in and the door sticks. So the kick the door well to get in a passer bys saw kicked the door open and called the police. So they I mean, there were cut cars all over the place. It was unbelievable. So came out the door. And I said this is what's going on. They go Grammy. And cut me once they had everyone cuff, then they asked us for you know, the story what's going on. Explain it to them. Then they proceeded to escort me in the house to find the so-called gun, and the I was still cuffed. And they were giving me a hard time for I looked in another room. And they said, well, you didn't say it was in there. Don't deviate really is have a guns now. And I'm Compton you're worried about it. So that they didn't know it was a fake gun through the time. No. But when once they sounding goes, I see why born because it looks like a real gun. I should really it's because it shoots up plastic things. There were horsing around how long ago was this. Pardon? How long ago was this? Oh, two years ago. Because they take that seriously those air soft guns. I should mention the air, but we have a couple in the garage. My son had when he was a well one he is younger than been used probably ten years or so, but they look kind of real when I I know in New Jersey, they treat them as you can't transact announced crazy anything when I was in high school me and my friends had like those plastic pelicans like tiny little plastic pellets. They don't even hurt, but we had like his reprogram into teams in school. Like, we'd be running around with these things, and nobody said, boo. Like if you take him away when they found him. But there was you do that today. You're in front of a judge. You did. Yeah. You're expelled. Yeah. You're right. You would it be an illegal loan? I was always surprised by that that the air soft guns are treated just like a real gun in New Jersey. That's ridiculous. Dish one you can't have one stuck in your waistband just like having a an operational fire. That's absurd. But they're in your garage in case. But they haven't moved laws listening Caleb in doylestown. You're on New Jersey one oh one point five. Hey, guys, I got pulled over by police officer while driving or sorry, riding a motorcycle through quakertown. I just bought the motorcycle a week before off of my cousin and saw the cop behind me. So I knew he was gonna pull me over eventually, and I was doing five below. I just didn't know why he was going the over. So you find a nice straight treacher road and pulled me over and stays in the center of the road and makes traffic stop behind him. And all the gun on me tells me to put my hands behind my head and comes up behind me in handcuffs me, and my bike was reported as stolen, and so I laughed and I explained to him. I just bought it a week ago off my cousin had all the papers. And he had two more officers up while they sat me down on the graph for two hours and cops and what at all their information. And then they came up to me and chuckled and said, you're gonna laugh at this some motorcycle in New Jersey with your plate number was reported as stolen it. We just got confused with yours. Sure, you laugh quite a bit after two hours of being I had a I had a good chuckle, Andrew guffaw. So I'm sure they apologized. No. Kayla. Thanks for your call. So who has had a gun pointed at them one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five tonight..

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