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Dot com this is first news with kevin miller live and local from the heart of arkansas 732 newsradio one or two point nine karn should the state call a special session over an online sales tax we're gonna get more with executive director of the arkansas municipal municipally donnees imerman mats coming up newsradio one or two point nine karn sunshine 75 degrees a muslim iraq bob steel has our news bob thank you kevin the p laskey county special school district has fired superintendent dr jerry guess a job that he has held since 2011 fox sixteen's caitlyn written report from the special meeting of the board at the district headquarters last night aboard says they had a lack of confidence in the attorneys that the district was using for the desegragation case and that's night's meeting they voting to dismiss attorneys now plastic county specials school district president dr linda rallies says the born felt they weren't being informed and everything going on within the desegragation case and didn't feel comfortable about the way that the district was moving toward unitary status dr gas localized on many occasions he would not staff the attorneys were let go so when the school board fired the attorneys they felt they had no choice but to terminate his contract as well and the more feels like it we are unitary and we want to receive unitary satis on our own merit and not as the ideal in order to make happy pending appointed dr janice warren as the interim superintendent she's been a disaster district fell last five years and has been a superintendent in another district previous lane and avoid fast dr warren lost serve throughout the 2017 2018 school year and then they will begin a nationwide search in the spring to find a permanent replacement for dr guest after a forty years celebration every june river fast has deci added to call it quits they say it's due to rising costs and a number of competing festivals around the country executive director dna korte says they can no longer deliver the experience that fans expect river fess hosted more than two hundred fifty thousand attendees at its height and pre and bringing in about thirty three million dollars in to little rock former city judge michael maggio has been ordered.

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