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Three national conference centers of the presbyterian church so this is this is big time presbyterian because you're one of the owners of ghost ranch now we have an end i'm not sure you a in place to be all right so tonight at harry's church the first presbyterian reverend atwood will be speaking tomorrow it's just me a conversation qna copied some cinnamon rolls come by and you know just talk just talk we need to talk to each other we do need to talk and the and the topic is gun violence and reverend outward has been working on this for many many years he's also won the david steel distinguish writer ward by the presbyterian writers guilt you wrote a book called governmentalism tell us about that the book is titled gun to mental ism and where it is taking america i go gun to mental ism a a religious ideological cult which uses religion to sell guns and to say that a loving god wants all of its people armed i don't agree with that but the gun to medalists do they see the second amendment as something that's unrestricted and unregulated contrary to the supreme court's decision in two thousand eight which spoke of the of the rights of the citizens to place limitations and restrictions on on firearms i mean one of the phrases that begun to medalists liked to us is.

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