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Three three safe. The name, you know, slums. Stay informed. Stay connected. Depend on WCBS. Palmer. I'm Wayne cabin. Three at seven forty five. We have three things to know. This just in to the WCBS newsroom. Reworded Malkin aero now has been charged with the murder of his younger brothers sister-in-law his niece and his nephew the four found dead after a fire at their mansion in colts, neck star ledger is saying that the Monmouth county prosecutor's office has scheduled a news conference this morning to announce the update in this case also making news this morning at Columbia University holocaust studies, professor returned to her office yesterday to find two large swastikas on her walls. It is the second time in ten years. Someone is targeted. Professor Elizabeth midler ski and number three. Major league baseball is charging princely prices for its first games in Britain premium seats for Yankees versus Red Sox. Four hundred ninety three bucks. Even the cheap seats are expensive outfield. Corners are going for three hundred and forty six dollars. President Trump will leave today for meetings starting tomorrow with world leaders gathering right now 'Argentina. Don't win race will be a much different place by sunrise tomorrow. The sounds of children playing soccer swap with sirens. Already just feet from this park at the doorstep of the famous low Recoleta cemetery. Where Argentine is most celebrated first lady Eva Peron is entombed. Metal barricades are waiting to be positioned into another ring of security. President Trump will arrive here tonight ushering in a massive security operation locking down. The city diverting flights and cancelling public transportation as a thirties brace for weekend. Protests. Steve Dorsey, CBS news Ueno serious Argentina holiday. There is the Saudi Crown prince who will have his first chance to meet with western leaders since the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal cash Shoghi as far as we know only. Vladimir Putin has agreed to meet with the prince Saudi complicity in that killing is being discussed at the highest levels in Washington. CBS news congressional correspondent Nancy Cortes reports on the briefing by secretary of state, Mike Pompeo and the Defense Secretary James Mattis. Members of the Senate. There is so much.

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