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Understand why Alfie has got to be of everything forever he he was here is a real person and he's scarlet little brother. He's you know your other baby I think. The so much awkwardness when you experience something that is. Everybody's biggest fear I mean I who knows how to deal with experience in the death of a child is just is the thing that most people if they even start the. Tabernacle and think about it. and I think. I mean my moment to something to a matic and she described it as. Like. Becoming a member of a club that you never wanted to be a member of a neat properly find the people that been through similar things. But it's it's very much the story of your family and what happened and also you you know. You go through life never thinking those two things will happen to you, and then when you suddenly find yourself in that situation. It's like. Well. Is Words don't describe how that feels. and how you cope with that it's you know you'd never think you could possibly coat with that and of course you. Suddenly finding. Yourself Having Compensation University difficult conversations and talking with medical people and You know the midwife, and all of those challenges an even giving birth, which is supposed to be a really joyous time. And how you know this what an evening now Just. Every every year when it scarlets birthday, you know we're having a birthday party one minute and going to. the symmetry the next you know that that is quite quite you know those mixed emotions all day is very difficult that is I mean the things that you would. Say. would be good for people to to to know how to handle situations like that. If they find, it happens to a friend of them or something that things that people did or said that will really helpful or is it just people filling? It's okay to bring up and talk about it is helpful..

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