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To get the vaccination. Folks will be back right after break. Are you a Native American healthcare provider, recovery counselor, social worker, domestic and sexual abuse advocate or traditional healer working in Native American communities? Doctor ruby Gibson will begin a 7 month advanced immersion in healing historical trauma. This online masterclass looks through the lens of a 7 generational recovery approach to provide powerful proven modalities and is offered tuition free to tribal members. Registration deadline is February 21st. Info at freedom lodge dot org who support this show. Thanks for listening. This is Native American calling. I'm Sean spruce. Are you confused about everything you're hearing about the pandemic? Have you relaxed your own safety precautions to try and avoid infection? We're getting updates from a medical standpoint today and there's still time to get in on the conversation. So please give us a call one 809 9 6 two 8 four 8. Before we went to break, we were listening to hope he chairman, Timothy Newman Yama. And he was explaining the highly successful vaccination efforts there at hopi. Chairman, please continue your thoughts. As I was saying earlier before the break, I'm pretty happy about the success we've had. But again, there's been a lot of work. It's been a concerted effort and an aggressive communications effort between not only tribal government, but our hopey healthcare center as well as community, community has really played a big role in us in coming together what we call some meat and coming together for the betterment of all people and that attributes to some of the successes we've had. Of course, just like many other communities, other communities in India and country. We still have those that are refusing to get the vaccination for their own reasons, but I think some of these personal experiences that they've encountered with their loved ones, Friends, close someone close to them, having to see some of the suffering. Some have actually made the hard decision to go and get their first shot, which is really helpful. I've just heard that over the week and also that we had someone that just recently went in, decided to get their first shot. So we continue with the messaging campaign and hopefully we'll improve on these numbers. Okay. Well, another question I have chairman is, you know, we see all of this constant back and forth with regard to safety measures. And I'm interested in learning have you as a tribal leader learned anything that could help with other health issues. For example, how to better communicate with citizens, what measures seem to work and what don't or just ways to stay connected with your community. Any thoughts on that chairman? I think that's a super great question, Sean. This is really opened up our eyes to our health situation out here on hopi. I mean, we are still played with diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, cardio issues, and obesity, which leads to a lot of this. And from the COVID pandemic, it's really highlighted a lot of the health disparities that we deal with out here on hopi and it's probably safe to say with a lot of other tribal communities as well. So we are looked at trying to create a more robust healthcare scene out here for hoping to address a lot of these multiple areas. We do have some programs who are doing a great job doing that. But I think a little bit more focus on that to try to offset some of the effects such as COVID that they really exacerbated is something that we're now focusing on a lot more and do want to pay a little bit more attention to that. I do have to say though that we're hoping well, it could have been a lot worse, but overall, in general, I want to say that population out here was fairly healthy, but some of these underlying health disparities still plague us and we want to be able to address some of those issues and make sure that we are providing the proper services that tribal government should be providing in connection with our healthcare center as well. Well, thank you, chairman van Yama, and it's really enlightening to consider these issues from the perspective of a tribal leader such as yourself. Folks, we have a caller listening in anchorage, Alaska on knb a cat again. You're on the air. Hi, good morning. Thank you so much. So my question is, people that are getting the vaccine are still getting sick when in fact these vaccines are supposed to protect us, then why are we still getting sick if the vaccines are safe and to protect against the delta, the Omar Khan and whatever.

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