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Saint don't yells tools. That's a good one. And then also wants to my nails. I will top. I'm I don't have a favorite taco. Honestly, I really tend to just whatever their is around little such feet. Maybe maybe whatever's whatever whatever's around I do. I have a lot of Zoya stuff at home, which I'm using a lot. But then two or three days after I do my nails atop co again. That's one of the big things is that like eventually after like three or four days. You know, you're going to get little dings and stuff your nails. If you top code at that point and just let it dry perfectly. You your manicure should last a little bit long. Nice. And you mentioned, you know, whatever's lying around what products are lying around your desk. So the office many, I probably a hundred facial missed. Yes. Or no facial nece hundred presents. I have Mario Badescu. Very good to me in his sent me. Like, I'm not getting twelve. Like in different sizes and everything so you will find probably a dozen. Mario Badescu mists around. Are you a dog person or cap person jen's theory? I know bribes I'm a cat person. But you like facial miss. I do she's robe you she the one person hasn't. She's not at rogue. I teams that if you're a dog person you like facial Mus, but if your cat person, you don't and so far is pretty much worked out with everybody. We ask but years for off my numbers saying, well, I when I was growing out liar. When I was growing up we always had a dog, and as became an adult we now have cat. Okay. After just my. You have more than one cat. We have two cats. Beautiful. What are their names so Bowie an Atari beautiful? Okay. I'm sorry. I didn't up to the facial. What else? Else? Does I have a lot of Islamists? What else is on my desk? Handcream for sure. So that's another thing that people are always like what hand cream? Do you use what cuticle oil? I can don't really use cuticle that much. Like, I feel like for me, the annoying thing about cuticle oil is that anytime that I'm touching my hair or anything else. It's all over me all of my face. It's all over my hair. So I'm I use hand cream. I would say sometimes up to twelve times a day just because it's like right near my chemo, your hands are so pretty yeah. When do you like I have the one that's on my computer right now is growing alchemist. So they haven't body cream. And again, I'm not using things that are called handcream. I'm just using any lotion or anything I'll go to trader Joe's, and they have like a big singling body lotion. And I'll just get that. My husband actually, ordered from like a health food store or something. There's this thing called gator bomb. That's like what is Mr. Michelle leads doing ordering. So I just saw this thing. I think he had like dry hands or something like dry cracked skin. So he thought he needed something that was like really late, vir? An intense bought this thing, and I just saw it like sitting in our kitchen at some point. I'm going to use this. And it's actually pretty awesome. Hater ball. Gator bomb. Cool. Okay. All right. Any other products? Like, we we've got the inside scoop right now. Fragrance we always like to ask you about an hair. Yes, we let your goals. So I have a couple of favorites. So one of my favorites is LeBow Bergamo twenty two and love anything kind of citrusy and clean and fresh anything. Too. Heavy not really a fan of love that one. And also love forget like the exact name of it. It's the the Louis Vuitton Luger celeb- the one that was like the morning day on the mountain. Yes. It's like the not the first launches second linked to it on the blog lovely. Story about that's why I know that one morning day on the mountain it's beautiful, and it's pretty and I feel like both of those. I don't mind like some people change their fragrance per season. Right. Where it's like, you feel like I need my winter fragrance, and you my summer fragrance, I I wear those like, no matter one. Yeah..

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