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In June, or July, and that they say that's going to be a fireworks display, because these are going to be even bigger rocks that we're gonna be passing through. We're gonna be seeing exploding in the skies above us. And this is probably why they're doing the assessment program, NASA right now, just in case there's something that gets through or false cracks that they have to either eliminate or or this comes from out of nowhere. They would be able to know six minutes. Probably six minutes. Eight minutes to get to, I guess I was reading that according to the study at the university, California Santa Cruz. Six minutes at least that they know. So they would be able to go on the air and say, you know, within six minutes of impact where it's going to come down. Exactly where and how. And so. The thing about the planet is, what is eight thousand miles wide. So I mean, we have a lot of room, we have a lot of room for that thing to come down. And, of course, as it said, in the university of Santa Cruz study, that most of it, most of the time, he things will come down over the water. So we'd be seeing, you know, depending on the size of the rock would be seeing huge waves and soon nominees, some even thirty feet, high, maybe even more. Seventy five. Water. I guess we all you seventy five percents, thirty nine percent chance of you being affected by a NAMI. If one does hit the water. God. I love you David. Right. With God, you bet you and I. Thank you, man. I love that. That's a good vote of confidence. Really appreciate you calling. Right with God. Right. I think I'm going to pray tonight, just to make it. Good seven seven seven three, three, one zero one one that's eight seven seven seven three three one zero one one. Yeah. They're doing a drill about near earth objects. They're testing scenarios is what could happen if we were hit. And what is also is. There is another study being done at university of California Santa Cruz where they're studying the impact NAMI if an asteroid just happens. Hit the water will happen them why all of a sudden this interest in near earth. Objects, hitting the planet. Well, it's because we had a lot so far this year that exploded over areas of the planet. Eight seven seven seven three three one zero one one that's eight seven seven seven three three one zero one one. I'm CLYDE Lewis. You're listening to ground zero. This is NewsRadio twelve hundred w is Tonio and I heart radio station. Thoughts news. I'm Jessica stone. President Trump announcing five percent tariffs on all Mexican goods chief-of-staff, Mick Mulvaney, saying Mexico needs to block the surge of central Americans into the US until they do. He says the tariffs will keep rising, we're going to judge success here by the number of people crossing the border, and that number needs to start coming down the tariffs set to go into effect in June. I was pleased to see the special counsel now that the investigation is over. Vice President Mike Pence telling FOX, he's ready to close the door on the Muller probe. But Democrats still want Muller to testify, the special counsel says he won't and in North Korea. Kim Jong UN's top nuclear reportedly killed by firing squad. A South Korean newspaper says it's a purge of those who worked on the failed Hanoi summit close aide Kim Young Cole was reportedly sentence to hard labor. This is Fox News. Now you away..

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