West Virginia, Cortes, Boston University discussed on Hugh Hewitt


Fully. We fully fund the pensions of coal miners in West Virginia at the same time. And the reason that we do these things is because the truth of the matter is that economically civically and beyond our destinies and our prosperity and our wellbeing is tied inextricably linked, and when we pursue public policy in a way that. Links us from each other. It is not sustainable. It's not sustainable eventually. It catches up to you. And it it catches up to you in racial resentment that and that racial resentment as a political tool to dismantle the economic advocacy that we need to have for ourselves. So if your parent have you ever had your child tried to explain something to you? When they got themselves in trouble. He ever had them. Try to explain all of the different elements to something as to why it's not their fault. That's what you have. When you listen to Cortes being lectured to by someone who hasn't an earthly clue what she's talking about being lectured to by someone again, whose vast political and economic experience equates to an economics degree. She got Boston University. And yet she can't count to eleven without taking off her socks. And I hate to be as. Insulting. But I'm I'm insulted by her in her attempt to try to whitewash American history. Her attempt to revise American history and her attempt to continue the politics of identity, identity.

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