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And so this one client she, she's the theory, was well helm, give your says, she's a theory offer from headaches, Mata Conroe issues, adrenal fatigue now getting him menstrual cycle. And when we look back at. Should is very dysfunctional relationship with Fava. So him one mother father separated when she was seven. She Fava would go into these rages and she felt like it was taken out on. Oh. And she became so terrified of him that she refused to go and stay with him on the weekends as she was purchase him, she out this massive sense of shame and for her, it was very much focused on her brother receive it, but just to, and as I read through the transcript of what had happened for we spoke immediately what came to me worse. Okay. Does she look like her father or does she look like Ma? Massive fishing was that she looked like a father. What was happening was that he was taking his rage out on her which was actually reflection on him. And so she said, I look exactly like my father when my brother looks like my mother. And, and so we just as reinterpretation here was, let's go back to places safety because this is nothing to do with this him, taking his anger out on himself, and you just happen to look like him. We went through a a little, not quite hypnosis, but it sort of going back to child as headed. Go back and back row drop right into that memory of feeling that terra an instead of put a shield of Mira in front of Jolo is set in all of that terra Anga projected back onto him because that's where it was directed, right? That's what we're supposed to be, but taken out on. And then we see all of that Anga neutralizes. Neutralize. Our father, no longer has angle. And she just found this huge sense of release. I just wait just dropped from her. She's my my shoulder just song and which ole that was was was being able to step back from them just what was really going on here. As a child you move straight into. It's my Holt, right? What if I'd on wrong, that's the only child thinks child does not have the cognitive awareness to be able to separate himself from the situation. Only adult can do that because that happens in the prefrontal cortex, and that's not fully devout to twenty one. And so we had to sort of separated here for her to be to see that enter end to understand that. Now the taco just gave who was I want you to go back into father. She now has okay relationship with and I want you to find out how did you feel when your mother in him separated? What was going on. That she just gets a great episode active. She she, she her mom's side who father's side in one of the comments she went father felt like mama had poisoned her, which wasn't the case. She actually experienced that was very terrifying, but the way to heal it was to go back with a sense of safety, and now she needs completion to get a greater understanding of why father was responding that way. It seems that always goes back to childhood shifting our old stories to heal all of our shadows and our physical and mental issues. It seems to always step back to that in even it seems our body shifting or changes in our body also goes back to childhood. It really does end. So research is now starting to show that and there's a famous study will be a study address, childhood events, experiencing other Sean experiences and. A looked. Seventeen and a half thousand at. And what they noticed was at sixty seven percent of them had at least one adverse childhood experience. And if you had four four out of ten, that was a sixty percent increase in the left hood of autoimmune disease. The diner is out. But. Unless you skilled in undestanding someone psychology and being able to.

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