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But people like me were wrong about that the obama administration and the military absolutely got that done over time and slowly but they got it done then last year they started again on a new policy after months of study by the military defense secretary ash carter announced in june 2016 that transgender troops would be allowed to serve openly the administration opened the way for lgb troops previously in the new policy extended equality and the right to serve openly to transgender troops l g p a now t they would all be allowed to serve openly in the us military according to their abilities with that policy in place there are now as of right now tonight thousands of transgender people serving in our military many of them serving openly many of them serving in war zones now as of today that has all been thrown into policy chaos with no warning and no prep at all from this new president in a series of tweets that surprised just about everybody including congress including me i'm services committees including the pentagon the new president appears to have up in ordered a brand new policy quote please be advised as if it's a psa please be advised that the us government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the us military so that's the new policy no today the counter the policy he just posted on twitter it is true that the commander in chief could order a policy change like this but this isn't typically the way you do it.

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