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That but i. i don't know how i don't know how many people do that with trump. Well i just think that practice pads in general are one thing. Where if you're doing it it's a you know. Obviously there's more beneficial ways to practice than others than just kind of plain fun stuff you already used to but yeah it's just all good and it's all the practicing so I think it's i think it's a good thing now before we were getting closer to the end here but i want to take a step back here and ask you about a couple particular pads that i'm seeing well. I don't want to mention that. I've talked about it on the show before but my grandpa was a drummer and In the posted a picture on that forum on saad and the photo. That's so sweet. And he's he's sitting on the side of his bed he smoking a pipe And he's practicing. But i guarantee and i think he told me when i was younger i guarantee he just took saw and just cut out a piece of wood and then them you know leather or rubber. Whatever on glued it down and He would also talk about cutting newspaper and putting that in his bass drum and just all those old school sara techniques. But i just wanted to give homemade pads because then it's like it was different. It's post war. I mean obviously which was kind of i. Guess a boom in the fifties. But i think that was around fifty six or fifty seven so shout out to my grandpa. Tom connett up. Who's no longer with us. But it was a big influence but a couple of things here. So looking back at the drum forum thread the gladstone. The billy gladstone kind of vacuum drum pad that sits in the middle of your snare and converts your snare. We'll talk about that a little bit. I mean that everyone has used one of those at some point in their life. Oh yes oh yes I think if that's what you grew up with than you thought it was great. Because that's what you had access to. Yeah i think that it. I mean if you play on the thin part of that pad get a snare sound. That's a little muted makes your mom happier. I think that's not an optimal pad for developing great drum technique. I think it's an optimal path for making your drum quieter. Exactly and sometimes you have to make choices as we say for my people for the sake of peace you have to make choices for the sake of peace and the gladstone pad was really great for that i didn't have a gladstone pat until Tried one in high school i went. Why is four I have friends who are ten to twenty years older than me who who've recall those paths with great nostalgia but they never used one today. Yeah i used. I briefly had one and i remember putting it on a few times and just thinking i do not like this like i don't like the i love the history of it obviously but i don't i didn't like it didn't let me tell billy gladstone was a nice jewish boy who understood that sometimes you have to make choices for the sake of peace and he probably developed that pad to make mother's happy. He did not develop that pad to make drummers happy. That's funny that's a good way to look at it. I get billy gladstone. I completely get him and love him and love his contributions to drumming absolutely..

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