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Dan, McCreevy by nine hundred and five votes in the states ninth congressional district, but those results were not certified because of suspected election fraud Harris released a statement, Monday nights saying he looked forward to answering any and all questions the races in limbo after a three judge panel. Forced the previous elections board to dissolve Brian shook NBC News Radio. Bill Gates is looking for a new partner for his Tara power nuclear energy venture after the government forced him to back away from a deal with China at Microsoft co-founder had an agreement with China foreign experimental nuclear reactor near Beijing. But Tara power officials told the Wall Street Journal the company's scrubbed the agreement after the energy department. Put new restrictions on nuclear deal with China. Those new rules were announced by the Trump administration in October a. Two year old girl who fell into a rhino enclosure. At a Florida zoo is doing well. Keep Winston is the Bavard do executive director while the father was kneeling down holding the child, according to the witnesses the child stumbled backwards fell between the bars, the father, and the mother immediately reacted and brought the child out, but at least one if not two the rhinos with eek made contact with their snout, the girl's father issued a statement saying it was a trying day for the family the zoo mmediately shut down its rhino enclosure exhibit where the incident happened early yesterday afternoon, the rhino encounter exhibit is described as a hands on educational experience. The first world champion of twenty nine thousand nine is a dark thriller from the Netherlands Michael van gerwin is the winner of the William Hill world darts championship held New.

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