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Was written by committee there are what five people credited with the story and probably eight more that didn't get credit that have some lines of dialogue in here when you see a movie like this you can tell that it had lots of different ideas and probably eight different peoples idea what lara croft should be doing sure you can even see the total shift from seem to see and almost like it was each scene was written independently and then put together later yet but if we haven't discussed simon west the thing that really shocked me is we've never covered a film with angelina jolie in it it feels like she used the female superstar of the twentyfirst century and then i looked at her film oscar fee she doesn't actually work all that much and she's a lot younger that i thought i really thought maybe she went away with all those kids because she was reaching that age that actresses didn't normally work after but she was only like forty when she did bluff assent yeah i have a rule i don't see her shit it's time it'll be gobert it's like yeah we'll be had color purple but then everything else was so bad you just don't go near it and joe lee maybe girl interrupted is good i've never seen it never really wanted to i thought it was overrated i yeah it seems to me like she just kinda got lucky like she was a hollywood kid that through nepotism and just nobody else being up for it that year she kinda slip in for an oscar that maybe she didn't deserve and road it on herat you know she was more known for being the house wrecker of brad pitt's and jennifer aniston ice or as a tabloid star but if you look at her movies i'm gonna put it forward has she ever made a really good movie i couldn't think of one hackers but again guilty fled ha have not a really good at i agree with you when i looked at it the brad pitt thing didn't start to low five many years after this when they made mr and mrs smith together but this is really liked the pinnacle of her career she is a name after this but the movie she did after this i'm like oh original sin.

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