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He's gonna play tremendously in front of them. I also think that bruce cassidy needs a killer season for his wad. I feel like they're going to really pull for him to And i think that the bruins in a state that they are right now need a big statement here. And i think this is going to be it. I think that they're going to go off All hockey side. I think the bruins are gonna just quote unquote nut up and put some points on the board and really really do a good good good season here. Yeah and The other point the other point. I have Similar years well. So i have that cry. She's a huge blow to the team. The gap in the worse. So now charlie coyle most likely filling that role. Charlie cole is fine. I think a good third line center but You know it's going to be tough. But again taylor hall coming in for playing with it. Offered cheated cooking. Emmy seven million on That would have been awesome but yeah in all seriousness again with their goaltending situation. Yeah great I think they're deepen their bottom six. To i mean jacob rusk felino khawla thomas no sack. Courtesy are entrenched frederick. I think they're pretty good bottom six. I think that they can stand on their own. And i think they're gonna hover between two three this year. They're defensive core. I think the mcevoy's still going to get better. Love the long island. Native show mcevoy allen isolated from oceanside wishing planning to be noise from long beach sees me See ashaari mcevoy a long island native mac right slick who is also pretty good. Yeah i'm mike riley carlo. I think they have a good decor Yeah and so. that's awesome. I think number one. We have the tampa bay lightning Even losing a whole line. Essentially i i still think that lighting remain at the top of division there so sack with their stars kucherov. Sam coz headman basil. Sem less not brayden point. All starting no i They're not going to be a great team There may be growing pains in the bottom six with the younger players. Did they did lose a whole lot like well. That's what i'm saying like you much know exactly amin lake. You didn't lose much. You didn't lose much and you guys were incredibly deep beforehand. I that's the thing. They built the teams that way they can withstand the losses. I mean listen ability over you. Can you can lose out on eighteen million dollars fine. Yeah i mean ross. Colin matthew joseph on their third line. I think they're gonna be good. There may be growing pains still super young and being a third line role. That may be a little bit anthony. You're playing next anti-israeli and then you have your educator You know like your your guys above you. That could probably pull a little bit more weight. Probably play a little bit more of the two lines a little bit more than a third line and fourth line. I think you're fine. Also will per daily face off. They have alice beret. Boulay on this on the second line. So i don't know how that's gonna work out. It might be a thing where like they just don't have a deal signed yet. But again the the decor decode the decoy. The decor the corps. I fucking love their decor as someone who played defense. I love their decor that victor hedman yon rueda ryan mcdonagh airy sirnak mckell. Surrogate have cow foot. Yes mike scary team in..

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