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One night night. It didn't take much. But in the four punches, I saw more technique and I'd seen a lot from wilder. That last punch was very a ton of technique in it. But he took his time. My biggest thing about wilder that I hate, you got a little John Jones in him where I hate the pawing jab. Like you big, you got power. You know, use that stick as they say. Throw a hard jab, knock someone's head back. Go spend a month with Lennox Lewis. Learn how to use that jab, big fella. And he never does it. I saw him at least throw three strong jabs. He did it the third fight with fury to the body. He steps into it. I need more of that from him. I can't tell you if we're going to get that because it took four punches, right? And he damn near killed a man. Moving backwards with a sneaky right hand. I mean, I mean, we learned nothing new about Deontay. We just learned he's fine. That's all we learned. Is there anything new to learn? Like, no. He's fine. People were like, what's he gonna be like? He's fine. He's fine. He's the same Deontay that he was before. If he lands, he's gonna kill you. And I think it does more for fury's legacy. That he keeps wiping people out, and then you go back and was like, that dude got up four times. Got a four times. Robert Helen is, it's very rare in boxing. That your main and your co main event produce a knockout of the year contender. Yeah. We got two of them in one night. And funny thing, Caleb Plant and Beyoncé, while the times of their knockoffs were exactly the same two 57. Really? Yep. But here's what we know about Deontay. He is. Definitely, if not the hardest puncher in boxing history, he's top three. Yeah, no question. Him and big George are neck and neck at this point. So you have George Foreman, you have Deontay Wilder. You have Ernie sabers who never won a title. You have Joe Lewis was a pretty big punch, but not as big as Deontay. The thing about that makes Deontay different, is it's one punch murder. Yes. It doesn't take, it is not like we've only seen like, I see in clinical 9 people out of one punch, doesn't seem to use multiples of lunches. Most of Beyoncé's knockouts are literally one punch. And the wipes people out. That's why foreign is the only comparable thing. Like that drive by uppercut by foreman is the greatest thing I've ever seen in a boxing ring. But even foreman, even for people. Everybody remembers him knocking out Michael Moore. He was losing the fight and he just mowed him down one punch down the middle. But think about this, foreman, this is not a disrespect to George Floyd's power because he's still one of the biggest punches in boxing history. Sonny liston as well. It took him knocking Joe Frazier down like three times. He clubbed Joe Frazier multiple times. The author didn't need that. Like Beyoncé, you don't get up. He wasn't facing Joe Frazier here. No, of course not. When he faced a guy of that excellent level. I don't know like technique be damned. If that man lands flush, there aren't too many people that are like 6 9 almost 300 pounds. In boxing history. It's absorbed that. Right. And more importantly, we have to remember, dancing, why don't we, for most of his career, including this fight is around two 13. She was two 13 for this fight. And he's fighting Robin honeys who's got a good 40 pounds on them. Pound for pound he's the biggest puncher in boxing history. If he went down the cruiser, he's wiping out the division four months. Again, people are going to say Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson did not hit like the auntie wilder. I watched a lot of Mike Tyson, like he would hit people, but they wouldn't just, he'd knock him out, like he would knock him out these get up and like, Deontay Wilder is killing people. He is separating them from their senses where they can't get up, remains the Verne. Spitzka, go watch the spis go fight what he did to him. Dominic Brazil died, just crashed. He did. Luis Ortiz twice. Hit Louis Ortiz on the top of the forehead. Yeah. Not even like a point where like jaw, temple, top of the forehead. I don't care what y'all say y'all can throw any name at me. Beyoncé wilder, you can make an argument that he punches harder than anybody we've ever seen in boxing. This is absurd. He erases people. And it looks like wilder versus Ruiz will be next order. Maybe WBC. Yeah, no way he's gonna listen to them. Like if they make that fire is because they feel like making that fight because they're both under PVC. Like that's the only reason I finally get made. WBC ordering that fight, I guarantee you if the WBC orders that fight and if a call, you know, they're gonna try to call Eddie Hearn. The Joshua fights just gonna take a lot longer to make, right? Because there's just too many things to jump over. But if for some reason,

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