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Eleven forty W R V A now ninety six point one. A first alert weather day. Strong cold front this morning drops our temperatures in the sixties in the morning to the fifties in the afternoon. We'll get heavy rain this morning could be an interest celebration and also some gusty winds, the winds could guess the thirty miles an hour a little more potentially in the rich and metro for tomorrow should be dry forty two degrees, but partly sunny skies from NBC twelve I'm meteorologist Andrew freidan on NewsRadio eleven forty W R V ninety six point one FM from the piersonhonda dot com weather, center, rain and fifty nine in Glen Allen, NewsRadio time is six thirty two. President Trump appears to blink first in the face off with the house speaker over the state of the union, President Trump tweeting late Wednesday evening that a wait until the government shutdown as over to deliver his state of the union speech. This was a day of Darren double dare between house speaker Nancy Pelosi in the president President Trump sending a letter to Pelosi that he was not going to take a recommendation to postpone the speech and was on track to head to the capital two delivered on Tuesday Pelosi, then serving notice on Trump that he was disinvited from using the house chamber for the annual joint congressional meeting. Dave Packer, ABC news. Trump tweeting he is not looking for an alternative venue because there is no space it can compete with the history tradition and importance of the house chamber, the Senate said the votes, and and competing bills to reopen the government neither one expected to get enough votes as the partial government shutdown enters day thirty four government workers. Staged a sit in outside Senate offices on Capitol Hill with the message. They will work for pay. More than eight hundred thousand federal workers will miss their second paycheck tomorrow. This woman works for the IRS absolutely live paycheck to paycheck. I knew CBS news poll finds about seventy percent of Americans do not believe money for a border. Wall is worth the shutdown and six ten say, the partial shutdown is causing serious problems for the country. Michael colony is postponing indefinitely his testimony before congress next month through his attorney coinciding threats from President Trump who said his former personal journey has only been threatened by the truth. ABC's Cecilia Vega. Says congress is looking at issuing a subpoena say they have offered him help with security police law enforcement. If in fact, he is scared for his safety, but house oversight committee, chairman Elijah Cummings was adamant that Cohen will testify. He said, quote, whatever we have to do to get him. Here. We will do it. Chesterfield's? Splitting five precincts following crowding problems on election day, the board of supervisors. Has voted unanimously to divide the janitorial iron bridge, skin quarter, south side and Winfrey store precincts following a county report that cited insufficient poll workers and check in stations. The asterik precinct will be kept whole by. The polling location is moving from elementary to Virginia state university and a federal court choosing a house redistricting plan that UVA's Larry avenue says with nearly guarantee a democratic takeover of the house of delegates Republicans Kirk Cox and Chris Jones would see the most significant partisan swings as the boundary lines move. Your next news at seven news on demand at NewsRadio WNBA dot com. I'm Andy doernen on Richmond's news, weather, and traffic station. Newsradio eleven forty W R V A and now ninety six point one FM..

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