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The number of Republicans who have in the Senate Eugene before we go. We definitely want to mention the Washington Post investigation that came out this week that had to do with the opioid be oid epidemic and data from the D._A.. It found that more than seventy five billion opioid pills were distributed from two thousand six to twenty twelve mostly from six companies. What does this tell us about the nature of the scope the opioid epidemic well just that it was far more widespread than I think? Many Americans were even aware of. I know C._V._S. and Walgreens were named among those six companies in attorneys for these companies said that they were simply responding to a medical oh crisis where doctors are over prescribing <hes> for very legitimate sometimes <hes> concerns <hes> that patients have but also not and they were just responding to to the needs and so what was also really fascinating about the revelation was set there will all these settlements <hes> that happened that would provide better insight into just how widespread the problem was but you know in these with these settlements come in days and so people weren't talking about it nondisclosure agreement nondisclosure agreements and had people been able to be more open about the crisis. Perhaps it could have been stopped before it got out of Control Shirl. What kind of impact does this have? I wonder I mean Oklahoma is trying to hold Johnson and Johnson accountable for the OPIOID crisis there it suing Johnson and Johnson in the civil civil suit that wrapped up this week. What does this mean in terms of holding companies responsible or doctors manufacturers pharmacies or the government for not doing enough so a couple of things we'll be looking for the Oklahoma ruling to see <hes> whether or not the companies are held accountable? There are two thousand <hes> some nearly two thousand lawsuits brought by states and cities against these companies and frankly Joshua. This reminds me of the tobacco litigation of the Nineteen Nineteen Ninety s where we saw a mass settlement involving the tobacco companies that resulted in greater regulation of tobacco in more restrictions on their marketing which is clearly something that advocates of these lawsuits against the pharmaceutical pharmaceutical companies would want so I think the first thing to look for us Oklahoma and that will give a hint of how the rest of this is going to go Byron. Might we be reaching that tipping point. Get the numbers in this reporters just absolutely stunning seventy-six billion oxycodone on an hydrocarbon pills from two thousand six to two thousand twelve and the D._A.. Keeps careful track of this stuff they have. We know that in some communities the consumption level was three hundred pills per year per person with if I didn't take any you took six hundred I mean it's just unbelievable levels of consumption. <hes> and I do think that there's going to be a tobacco settlement with this one more story before we go the emmy nominations came out this week game of thrones from H._B._O.. Got A record thirty two nominations including some that the network did not submit but someone else did Wendelin Christie plays Brienne of tar th she was one of three people to throw their own names in for consideration and she got nominated for outstanding supporting actress in a drama series here. She is as Brion in a scene from the final. Final season just before she gets an honor she has long deserved for her bravery and her loyalty Sabrina Path defeated the Hound Lady. She's not sir. You're not the night women company nights when tradition tradition. I didn't even want to be a night Gwendolyn Christie Brienne of Tarzan game of thrones the other two to self submit Alfie Allen who plays beyond on great joy and game of thrones and Kris Van Houten who played Mel Asandra the Red Priestess Alan is nominated for supporting actor Van Houten for outstanding guest actress the Emmys on September twenty second. I'm going to try to convince the three guests in the studio to at Least Watch one one episode of Game of thrones at some point before the Emmys but until then Sheryl Stolberg congressional correspondent for the New York Times Cheryl thanks for being with us..

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