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When you produce could you be treated better than those who don't yes yes you and by the way i have proof jimmy johnson was coaching dallas cowboys you remember when he made the statement of consistent would by inconsistencies consisted in the fact that i will treat those who produce better than i treat those who don't that is the truth and envelope only confessed to you i live by that you know how many years and my career and in my life i have him being treated that well there is a gentleman i never care because my attitude was you know what got climate got to climb la you gotta walk through that to a run through that to reigning halted at to rate if you have to to get to the top but one should there in a capitalistic society is your turn and the same should be applicable to college sports it's just that simple to me and evidently it's just that simple to kitty smith it it eight say espn it's eight eight seven to not we seven service it's back to the phones we go andrew in long island your lava steven able to kill dinner and clearer talk to him uh first of all thank you how dare you that cola and not hurt stuff still her right this is still her out i i thought he was going to give you a lot of tech going to bring of kill quiet when you all know you wanted to an marino go ahead yeah well look a number two order gonna run us nevada i was like your uh your thought on cute little worn out believes the baker may still might be the best fit for the jets and number two um if the just do get kirk cousins is there any feasible way that we can offer up enough to trade down to try and make a run four barclays thank you for taking my call now you can't you can't trade down to get block us get bokli i don't think he's doing that unless you're giving up the house which just don't need to.

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