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And welcome back to find a your frequency i'm your host gifts benard and i'm your cohost ryan treasure and we just got done with the magical session with mr ever disney coming out of uh the break here uh we have a gentleman that is a super successful uh entrepreneur that uh is taken time ease in a corner right now at an event are doing this special interview so i want to bring in higher kaya redford he is a unique exceptional inspirational speaker uh with passion and art kyw it has been a featured guest speaker four times the oprah winfrey network and has a distinguished company k our success coaching that is a leading provider of success nlp neuro linguistic programming their sales and leadership a mastery uh he has successfully coach many fortune 500 companies such as new york lies bank of america wells fargo century twenty one killer williams remax ask flag new skin abc and herbal life i guess i get going on and on it's hey y'all are received kyw use nlp success coaching programs and have xiv outstanding success as a result kyler redford welcome to the show welcome take you guys i am so honored to be on your amazing show uh jeff in line you know i think you guys are you in a phenomenal job is just really honored to be hippie yet to be in your on your show well thank you very much i.

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