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Since we're on the topic of vans. This week's high-performance part belongs to a custom Shorty Dodge van and the two thousand, fifteen movie American ultra and because I suck at explaining movies, I finally come to the realization that from now on I think I'm just GonNa read the Synopsis Straight from Rotten Tomatoes. So here is the synopsis for American Ultra. Tomatoes. American ultra is a fast paced action comedy about Mike Played by Jesse Eisenberg, a seemingly hapless and unmotivated donor who's small town life with his live in girlfriend phoebe played by Kristen Stewart is suddenly turned upside down unbeknownst to him. Mike is actually a highly trained lethal sleeper agent in the blink of an eye as a secret past comes back to haunt him. Mike is Thrust into the middle of deadly government operation and is forced to summon his. Interaction hero in order to survive. Now, where does this sweet Boogie van come in well about seventeen minutes and thirty seconds into the movie Eisenberg's character Mike Meets up with his drug dealer rose played by John Leguizamo to buy illegal fireworks. The show he wants to put on for when he proposes to phoebe Rachel Rolls Up to the meeting spot in one thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, four to nineteen, seventy, six, dodge short van with a wild paint scheme which. To me looks like a vinyl rap, but it's pretty wild. It's got a seventies bubble porthole window side pipes, and crackers, and on the inside all you can really see is a wall that has some speakers built into it, but the van appears to be in really good shape. I'm actually wondering where this man is. Now I'm hoping that it's not rotting away some Hollywood movie prop car law because it's a pretty cool van and even rolling up the band sounds good and it's really just an attention grabber the perfect Buggy van for an accenture drug dealer like rose. I like the van it is a bit too wild looking for me as far as the paint scheme or rap. Whichever it actually is, but it's definitely cool and it's always fun to see mo parts in movies and this van really stood out to me since it's probably the coolest custom Dodge van seen in a movie for at least a few decades but it's refreshing to see these things still out there and I would be really depressed. If I never saw another custom van again. So here's what I'm GonNa do I'm going to build my own and it's GonNa take me a while but I that's my plan and who knows maybe might end up in a movie someday you never know but that was high-performance parts the nineteen seventy four to nineteen seventy-six, custom dodge boogie. Van In American ultra. This week, we have two boys males for listeners stories. The first one comes to us from Dustin Williams in West Virginia. Here is Dustin Story. Here. I've been listening to the show here for a couple days now worked as. One of missed the most. from West, Virginia just WANNA. Let you a move bar story and last year I think that but twenty eleven charger while our Ford dealership, it's an Rt.. Actually Governor Right now love the car. Dealership that was working they weren't real pressure though because have a crack. Actually, I sent my number for this car and Chrysler Yard he will go. Pro Archaic Much. they were only thirty six. Nathan. Around on that. So I started listening greatness and everything and. Got to the point where I can have an old car. But the money I don't think it in the U.. Twenty eleven monetarily driver so got looking around and maybe. Twenty minutes from my house Nicky eight Dortmund. I knew about years ago. And I picked it up her thirty seven hundred bucks a month like an olive green. Any one of. Backwards your submarine. and. It was the lead around the you can do the grill, the number one. three. So. Picked up the February. Red. Reggie vets, but pick that up. More. Than ever does a great game. The thing that it starts to good deal caveats carbone and. But? Many started on. Edmund Editors. Melissa. Of. Third down into the in three emmy idea for the Dr Name using that Macarena that I have. No cut in the Hon, they just boggles on their backwards so. if I get the gym three Hemi in their natural somebody. You put out definitely GONNA be appraised O.`Neil. the. Solid for being even only K-. Not Not a good a good solid starter there already go down almost on way to modal was the Patriot against. NAP At one green light rain, Palette? Mate? Thank. A Dustin thanks for calling in sharing your story I really dig the Hemi cars with all wheel drive. The Cherokee RTA tes the all wheel drive chargers. You know I'm curious how many all wheel drive charges with him he's were made because they are awesome cars and for me being in Washington state with all sorts of crazy weather on all-wheel-drive Hemi charger would be very, very cool daily driver I. Think it's great that you have a modern Mo- par that is low production and that you went and found yourself a cool sixty eight dark for project. Car, you know me buddy I'm a huge advocate for old mo- parts of modern Hemingway's the old engines are awesome too. But I you know it's always fun to say that you have Hemi. Even if the modern Gen three hemmings don't actually have traditional hemispheric combustion chambers who cares keep us posted on the projects Dustin and if you do end up going with the Gen three, Hemi be sure to check out DIY DOT COM and soak up some knowledge and maybe even get some of the parts you need. Don't forget to tell them that I sent you. I'm really excited to see other MO- parentheses becoming more open, minded swapping in these newer hemmings. I think it's only gonNA. Help convince the aftermarket that there is a huge huge surge in popularity for the swap and when that happens parts are going to be more available, and hopefully we'll be able to benefit from cheaper prices down the road. anyways. Thanks again. For sharing your story with US Dustin love hearing stories like that. The next voice mail was sent in by our friend Hemi bill in response to win Johnny moped was on the show sharing some knowledge about the super bird with us. Hemi Bill had some knowledge of his own to drop that I found very interesting. So let's hear what Hemi Bill has to say. Hey. Tammy I just listened to your latest podcasts talking Johnny Art and I just remember learn eastern supervisor. Trivia. Wonder if review to heard of this.

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