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I think it's going to drive alone from his aides. It'll be lewis and george. I think that will be true. And i own. The only reason. I don't want to be true is because you will be intolerable next season talking time. God all gonna hear scott saved the crew of a thirty be. What you all way about the to say. I can't even argue with you about that frustrated. Also i would be remiss if i didn't mention how much i really dislike christian christian. I have lost all respect. I had for him been lost of lama. I really dislike him so very much. I dislike him as a person. I just like a team principal. I dislike him so much all. Like if you know is casey that it's it's okay the louis bunch of Racists being more on him. Because max gets abused to calm all. I know i know what you're doing here but come off it. That was the moment for me. I mean i was completely done at that point like completely done. Max gets abused to. Oh poor max. I'm sure you're thanks. Girls difficult christian. I'm sure it's terrible right to be one of these people short. I can't even imagine like the stuff that we get multiplied to millions literally i. I'm sure that they will get a but yukon. You can't balance now racist abuse of a against regular abuse and say that it's the same because lewis also gets that right. Yeah he also gets people like saying he's wanna write that but also louis gets told that he is not good enough because of the color of his skin and the fact that one they never like came out and said anything against out like every other team did like red insulted but homeowner is not said anything and when pressed on issues like maxwell's against abuse as a guy. I hate him so much. hate him. Awhile say is we hate him as much as you can hate a person. You don't know whether that's fair. That's fair. I really hate the decisions. He made his personal life. I really hate the decisions. He makes as eighteen principle. I just i really. I really dislike that. The character of christian horner it as i know it i dislike with such a fiery passion and i don't particularly love max like i think max is kind of a world class jerk to the only reason i kind of excited about max's because i think he's the only one that's really and truly competitive with louis but i'm not a big macs fan either truth. No i don't like max or stamping. But i like watching him race. Yeah well this is one of those things where i can appreciate both. I don't ever really wanted to win. Because i don't like him but i like watching around the track. Yeah i can understand that. That's fair the guy. Like i don't want the guys who have success because i don't i just i don't think that he seems like a very good person. Yeah i did appreciate that. He more than rebel was kinda like. Can we stop this like. There was actually an interview before the hungarian grand prix between lewisham. Max amac's set to the press is not gonna answering questions about las race. It's done. oh yes lots going fair enough. But ultimately he doesn't seem like a good person. I agree on but as much as you can know a person from the way that we noticed people right. But he doesn't seem like he Full shares the same values aisha. Yeah that's also very well put but you know it does share some values that you and i share. Yeah pass. mel does las male. Does i love the. I love these segues special..

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