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And then the thing is is that she okay so amazing so we go in. Did you have to what so something happened where we went into the show. It all turned out great. We look beautiful. We got our picture taken. We saw the collection. It was like really wonderful and then we walked out. And somehow jack you still had the water bottle which to me. I was like bash sip that final set and put her in the recycle. Like no jacks hydration. She was like i better. Keep this one cup of water as you never know. You're thirsty. God forbid i find another water bottle so we walked out of the show and then there was more photographers taking our picture. As we walked out i still had the importance like jack. Please put this in your backpack. And she's like my backpack is full of it in my bag taking our photos and then as soon as we finally got the poland spring situated a way out of the photographers way. They stop taking our picture finally ready to put the water bottle in your bag. I'm like i have a mini louis vuitton backpack. Nothing that's here and you're like i'm putting my back. My a tiny little fendi purse. That was like four inches longer. Time to turn to smush this stupid water bottle and they're like it's not working. Nothing is working. I didn't wanna throw a jackson three quarters of a cup of water. She might get thirsty. My queen and he gave. You can't have a picture of you just throwing a water bottle into a trash can. And i mean that's social suicide bad enough that you drank a once. Use plastic now owned bottle like expert fried duration and jack. She is desperate for hydration at times. So this is when you drink a lot of water and then you don't drink a lot of water one day you feel like you're going to die. Yeah and that's what. I was going through at that moment. So you know behind the camera trying to be jaylo you know trying to be jaylo keep it. Keep it nice and hydrated. It was was amazing. It was amazing to do fashion week for jack. Because all i care about is getting my photo taken yawn even at the like alicia. I went to the after party with chris for the met gala. I know you have to talk about that but we have talked about. Cerebral is i. But i like even at that thing. I was like having the time my life like litter on the downside grinding. Lupita longo like. I'm living my best life and then i was like i'm eagle-eyed. I'm like where the photographers and. I was a chris. I need a beautiful picture. Munis address i did not get dressed just to be alive. My dressed to get my photo taken. Okay yes i mean. That's what everybody gets dressed for. Jack jack you were not concerned with getting your photo taken. You're munching on a dry ass. Nature's valley bar walking down fifth avenue. You're not sin. I want that picture. If any of those photographers are listening to lady gang right now. I really need the picture. Please and also nature valley like. Do you want to sponsor us so much. So this episode is brought to you by zero dollars for nature. Scali the other thing. I will say that kind of like one thing that took me back down to my level so we were up at the sink except show and they had like a house photographer there and he took our pictures and i took this really great video of behind the scenes of like him. Taking jack's pitcher run the top like the whole skyline is beautiful and i was like oh this is such a good working moment and then he took our pictures and i was like. Do you want me to airdrop like that video. And he was have time airdrop. And i was like. Oh there's been better people here for you to photograph. Like i mean and like he didn't want to be my friend no he. He did not want to be your friend. Once you looked at all the people that went to that show. It makes sense. I was like oh i understand why we showed up early. And we're i and they seem so excited. Take our picture. Had we showed up an hour later. They wouldn't even take our picture. They be like you losers. Get outta here. I know amazing but anyway. Thank you to sit cassette and allison olivia for realizing the true fashion. Influencers of this generation are that's right for still embracing sexy mature fashions and okay when we come back. We're gonna talk about getting ready with celtic name. We are ladies and gents on the run and that is why we love the star bucks triple shot energy extra side coffee beverage in a can. It's got two hundred twenty five milligrams of caffeine and it's that starbucks coffee that you absolutely love. It's ready to drink. It's sitting in your fridge at home. You can put it.

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