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We have we haven't beat. But i feel like you. You were one of the. Oh jeez then. Yeah i actually started. I think billy burr helped him with his first podcast at my house. I'll let me a row. She used to do wikipedia. My my living room over here. So yeah why. W for a while during the pandemic i hooked up with my buddy mike alto who's is living at a number one morning show in florida Sick fucking is you know millionaire off radio he would do radio with me. Podcast with me every night while the pandemic just and we still do it so culture and kelly and then of course Stand up stand up. As the main thing i i can be knows bobby kelly at this point. Yeah well fuck and tell my patriot numbers. What the fuck patriarch. Dot com slash. One hundred and seventy thousand dollars blow. Tim dillon i wish was his type grit. That he's fuck in the funniest motherfuckers second. Just every and i knew that from the second i met him kids hilarious. Grind it out to really you see the numbers there not blessed. I want to be part of his crew. The a job. Can i be your assistant or something. Fox something you secretary of fluffy whatever you want fucking cook. Cook a pork pork salafi. Whatever the fuck you want some the votes to hide my numbers. That's when that's when you know you're doing well when you just leave your fucking finances out for the public. We talk about that much. I make john.

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