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I think it's a team that they can beat I think it's a good time to play them. 'cause usually Bruce's teams take a while to get going a lot of not lot of turnover there as well so Yeah I'm looking forward to. Hopefully they can build onto. What HAPPENED IN SEATTLE? I liked like we spoke about earlier in the show. I liked a lot of things that I saw from this fire team. So I think it's a game they can get. It's a bare minimum. That they win one of these games coming. You can't come in to that home opener. Having lost three games like you just. We talked about this in the in the in the pre season preview. There's this you know coming into the season. It's a hard. It's a hard start. This is a win to Seattle not going to New England. I mean Orlando. It's Orlando g got to win that And then you've got you know Atlanta and then new rebels and then Chicago Nyc AFC in Columbus like. That is a hard tough schedule to start the season with and they need to build that momentum you know they need to get people behind them were moved into the city Let's not worry about the rebrand like let's just winsome games. They need to win some games. So New England. I really am. I'm I was. I was optimistic about Seattle game and I thought they looked. Okay if they look pretty good so I guess I would have to say that. I'm relatively optimistic about New England. They have to beat Orlando. That's just like not even in the realm of possibility that they don't they have to win that game period. So yeah that's my thoughts. Yeah no look. I think I agree with you. you know those guys are GonNa feel They're gonNA feel the not pressure but they're gonNa feel the what's that word. I'm looking for the Shit they're gonNA feel the need to get points. I mean out ridiculous ridiculous. They're going to feel the need and the importance of getting these points Like you said it's scheduled to be really hard from what I saw in Seattle. I think that there's a Maj- There's ideas in the room. They're organized I'm sure they're gonNA come out a little scarred from that game because they were in it and they had chances to. Maybe I got sick to my stomach man so I have faith I have faith. They know what's at stake may know what's what lies ahead and I think both results are gettable. So let's Let's see what happens so the only thing I will. I want to end this By bringing it back to Italy so really quickly. I meant to meant to mention that. So they're you know they're playing all these games behind closed doors and everything and one thing that You know probably bears. Mentioning is the fact that the Euro Twenty twenty tournament is you know a couple of months away I think actually starts one hundred days exactly from today and the first game is in Rome so you know the the euro is are the I mean like. It's just an amazing tournament. I WANNA go so badly like it's it's on the bucket list for sure and I kinda wanted to go to this one but if there's going to be like everybody dead over there. I guess we can't really can't really do that. Yeah no I I mean they're they're talking about bad. They're talking about the Olympics and Tokyo right. Yeah I mean it's just it's just not a good situation so I dunno Sam. Wash your hands. Don't buy the masks. Apparently people need those. I don't know I mean naturally being sensitive but I read like. Don't buy the masks. I duNno don't call people. I think it's pretty basic stuff fist-bump instead of high five and how I don't know. Yeah Asians and the what's going on All right there we go. We wrapped it up on a random. Note Thanks for listening. Everybody and we'll be back next week. Take Care Bye bye..

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