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Prime minister Justin Trudeau making headlines he's trying to save face after a photo surfaced showing him and brown face will run down that story but first let's check your traffic and weather together. start now with some really good news he's bound sixteen oh four to eighty one all the way around the thirty five and seven minute comedic this hour east bound for ten van der to beer bottle you can do it in thirteen minutes or accident free Megan bishop newsradio twelve hundred W. away I stand another miserably hot day for your Thursday partly cloudy a high in the upper nineties tonight's low seventy eight right now we're at seventy eight degrees under clear skies. and good morning Megan. yeah. see Friday from here so close. I know you can see it right now because I'm covering your tail feathers yeah three day weekends are nice whenever you can taste of early on. committed highly recommend that all the big story can it keep Canadians are a minister facing scrutiny for a photo that showed him and brown face also known as black face during a party eighteen years ago now the photo appears in a yearbook for the private school where Justin Trudeau was teaching back in two thousand one he was twenty nine years old at the time in that photo he's wearing a turban with his face painted and very dark make up apparently the picture was taken at an Arabian nights themed party that was attended by faculty.

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