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Radio. We are built by the Home Depot. It is the 68th meeting between Iowa And Iowa State, but the first in which both teams are ranked in the AP poll. Iowa has won five straight against the Cyclones. Those wins have been by an average of 13 points per game. The game going on right now on ABC. No score, I will move the ball a little bit. Had to give it away to Iowa State, Iowa state at the ball opponent that ball away. These are both two very good defensive teams is going to be interesting to see with the winning score is in this game here, Harry Because look, you have an Iowa team that has gone 23 consecutive games without allowing 25 or more points. That's a it's an active record. The most in the power five United State team that just does not give up a lot of points, either. So it feels like a battle of attrition. We're four minutes in and two possessions of peace. Well, I'll say when you look at both of these teams defensively, um you can tell their coach very well right. They might not have the best athletes right. They might not have the fastest guys, but they're going to be disciplined. They're gonna be smart. They're going to be physical and they're gonna do what their coats and we already see right now. Early in this ballgame. Both offense is not able to move the football 00 right now. Um, I would just have a 3rd and 10 and got stopped by I will stay. But when I look at these two teams I look at last week I look at Iowa State last week. Um I would state was lucky to get by. They were lucky to get by, right. They made some mistakes in that ballgame. They didn't play up to their standard. When I watched the film, it looked like they were moving in slow motion when everybody else was moving in fast motion, And then when you look at Iowa Last week. I will last week. Those guys play sound football. They scored on defense, right? There were physical at the point of attack. So I'm looking forward to this game. And you know what? Trevor? I think I have me some corn in my bag or something somewhere. I think I wanna eat me. I'm a corn lover. Can I let everybody know that I love corn, and I don't care how corn is me. I'm gonna eat it and set corn on the cob. I'm gonna scrape it off now I'm not biting into the cop almost scrape that on off the cop, But I eat corn every way. Scrape it off of the cop cannot say that you love Corn, and you don't like corn on the cob? Well, I don't like biting the corn off the car. That's the only thing I don't like that because you don't like the cob or you don't want to mess up that pretty face with butter and salt on the edges of your mouth. Getting dirty. I don't mind getting dirty. These wide receivers are such divas corn. That's all based on the on the signs in Iowa on Game day this morning. I guess if you like Nebraska corn, there's something wrong with you. That's what Iowa people think So I'll tell you, there's a couple things I think you can bring into this game. From last week. You mentioned area Iowa State started slow against northern Iowa. First of all northern I was really good. They can play, but I was state typically starts slow under Matt Campbell. I mean last year Louisiana. Very good. Louisiana team came up to aims and beat Iowa State on their home field. And then they went on a run. And so last week, I was dating. Not so hot. They won, but I expect them to take a big jump here. What you can take from Iowa from last week. Is that their defense played lights out and their offense passing attack really struggled for all the good things that were happening for for Iowa on the scoreboard. They had to pick sixes against Indiana, so two of their touchdowns were scored by Iowa's defense. And while the running game for Iowa was good, the passing attack for Iowa went nowhere. Spencer Peters was under 50%. Um, in terms of completion percentage only through for 100 and 45 yards. It was just a passing attack that will have to pick up in this game in order to have a chance against Iowa State, And so this, I think is going to be a low scoring defensive slugfest. I hope you have the under its 00 right now, with about nine minutes to go in the first quarter. And you just seen I will state. Uh, centre snapped. The football quarterback wasn't ready, and they also had a flag on the play. So talking about starting slow man, It seems like I would state didn't get the memo from their coach Dan Kimball to start this game off Matt Campbell. Oh, and four. Matt Campbell's dance tomorrow dance tomorrow. I don't think I don't think Matt bites kneecaps, but he might. I don't know. Iowa State's defense has allowed a total of 16 2nd half points in the Past. Six games to last season. So they got a first out of 15 at their own 12 yard like 10 minutes to go there in that first quarter. Do you want to mention this? Haynes King out for the rest of the game with a lower body injury for Texas A and M So they're going to ride Zach Calzada, whose two of eight for two yards passing right now is they look at the first down and 10 with two minutes to go the number five Baggies. They just picked up a first down the first at at their own 36 yard line that gave me played. In Denver, Colorado, home of the Broncos, and right now listen two minutes to go until have Colorado seven. Nothing lead over the fifth ranked Aggies. No Hanes King the rest of the game here. Trevor and Harry. How significant is that here for the egg? Well, in the moment, they got to find a way to move the ball. They have to find a way to get some first down. Score some points in Haines King is the more mobile of the two quarterbacks. So if this Colorado defense is doing things that they are not recognizing if the game plan is not working right now, you always have the mobile quarterback the ability just to take off. And create on the move, and they lose some of that capability with King out and what's the best way to do it in my ass? Have a study the running back position. Isaiah, Spill it. You just hit him on the swing past. Get the volunteer playmakers hand right now in the other Smith. They just got the football to him on the bubble screen as well, Get the ball to these guys in space and let them do the work for you. And you write about throwing it to him because Colorado is open has focused their defense on stopping Spiller on the ground. They've done that. They've only handed off the Spiller three times so far in this game, but we're almost a half time. Three carries one yard. He's averaging about foot, precarious yard of foot for Kerry, but that's Colorado's defense and so really throwing the ball to him to get him the ball in space and get his touches that way might give them a better chance to break something open. Colorado is one and 14 in its last 15 games against AP Top 10 teams They've lost 14 straight in such instances there. Last such win came in. Oh, seven Against the number three, Oklahoma A and M. Favored by 17 on the road against Colorado. The Aggies have covered each of their last four road games time for their longest road cover streak since the FBS FCS split. Back in 1978, and you think about it, Uh, now you had Iowa State. Iowa State just had to put Iowa now has the ball in Iowa State territory in the long top 10 matchup. What a day it could be for the Pac 12 organ gets the win over Ohio State. Trevor and Colorado has a seven. Nothing lead over A and M They're going to try and take that lead into halftime, and Michigan has a chance to make amends for losing the Montana at home last week in the opener when they go to play Michigan a little bit later on. Going to Washington. Washington's chance to do that. So you know if Washington is able to pull off that win, and a lot of people think they might, I think they've got a good chance to win in Ann Arbor. Then all of a sudden, the Pac 12 the Pac 12 smacking some people in the mouth. An opportunity for that conference to assert itself and say, Stop laughing at us. We are ready Bar Mat Yes. PN radios presented by progressive insurance August appear. By the Goodyear.

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