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Will try and trap you in but there's so much high energetics on this planet right now ultimately we're going to keep seeing out. We're going to keep seeing them desperately trying to keep us on them and we're going to see a big exodus of conscious souls into other ways of communicating. And i know that can be scary. Because we're all freaking addicted but part of this grieving mourning process awakening processes leaving behind these old systems. That we're going to see more and more of these incidences. You heard it here. First human resonance. Let's talk about that. The schuman resonance has been off the freaking charts. I was feeling so low a couple days ago. I couldn't even believe how heavy i was feeling. And all of the sun. I looked at just got called to look at human residence. It was one of the highest. It's ever been if not the highest and you don't know much about the schuman residents go look it up. I truly believed the human resident is a beautiful way of measuring frequency on this planet and on my own experiences when the schuman residence is going off the charts and really spiking. I feel it. I feel that energy sometimes. It's very other times. It's like lower frequencies however it's a great gauge to give you a little bit of a little bit of foresight of what's going on you can't live and die and run your your life by the residence like should be running your life by the moon's or anything like that but this is a tool that has been created within this rally that you can harness on your awakening journey. Just bring a little bit of awareness tote some of the feelings and emotions and things coming up collectively so go look that shuman residents let me know on instagram at the newark masculine message. Do you fall the schuman resonance. If so i would love to hear from you you can follow me on at the new earth masculine. I'm going through a big rebirthing process myself right now. Focusing on other areas outside of social media in fact. I've really taken myself off social media after years of being on it and half hooked in and i keep coming back to that meyer. Highest service is person contribution. And this podcast. I love podcasts. Even be bringing more of these episodes very very frequently. You can expect lots of tools. Tips tactics practical looking at the galactic looking at the earth. Looking at all these things no hold barred no bullshit.

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