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That question for youtube is because this formerly early thing the best ones leave right and so you know what what what are the best people that grew up on on youtube. Where do they actually make their money. I think youtube to take credit for justin bieber and that phenomenon would not exist for a lot of responsibility to be responsible for people's livelihoods and also not know them correct. Buddy mean oh you mean just like oh did in terms of running form like that. Yeah yeah people are dependent upon it. Yeah i mean. I think it's one of the things it's still the case. That youtube is the only truly open platform out there that pays people money at any reasonable level and will pay just about anybody. Money yet said it comes comes with a lot of responsibility. I think i think the team there are now. It's interesting. I i had an old boss told me. Once that every business goes through three phases. I hear a joke. Nobody believes in you. You're a threat. Everybody scared of you and your obvious and every presumes what you're gonna do is going to work and everything flips around and all you can do is wrong and i got to youtube when we were clearly. A joke like you said is big lawsuits. And so on. And i think i I was there and we got the lead it through that joke to threat period. I think i laughed right as it became obvious announced susan in neon scott. Not running running running youtube now. That team is now running through the obvious period. And the interesting thing about what you just said is like the responsibility that comes with with paint people's incomes you know in my face every article about it was like just so excited like can you believe kids.

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