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Sir. Welcome folks, another episode of that Anita live. I'm anita. Your host here today with me in studio is the clinical director of national pike health center in Maryland, co host of the on account radio show broadcasting on W O L be ten ten AM in Baltimore. She's the author of the bestselling book letters for you earned a b s and psychology for Morgan state. Go bears. Go. She is a mess w of social work from the university of Maryland law. These initials how many degrees? MSE J best a masters of science in criminal Justice. From Kaplan university qualified John qualified, welcome. I see a Ragsdale to the show. Thank you so much. I'm so excited and happy to be here. Thank you very much for coming on driver for way, other side states, go hang out. So what made you go into mental health in the first place. You know, I didn't wanna do it. When I got outta high school. I was I wanna do a career where I'm gonna make some good money. I went to Morgan, and I'm gonna this engineer. I just wanted to graduate from school making six figures and just wanted to build things make things work. And that's but I knew I was supposed to middle health always felt like mental health and pay any money. So I was kind of running from that calling and I got to this one math class. And I was always good at mad, and I just cannot understand it took calculus, and they were like, well, we want you to find a limit to Infinity, and as I could not figure it out. I mean, I spent hours and hours and tutoring. I stayed up all night. And I was just like, okay, Lloyd here you been there done that. I feel like he literally shut my brain down when it came down to this man class after that, I went and had a honest conversation with my adviser, I switched my major over this. Ecology? I graduated with no issues once got obedient. Once you got obedience got. Got. So was there anything once you got into Minto? Yes. Switch over the psychology. Was there anything that you begin to learn that made you reconsider? Oh, boy, not necessarily a psychology. I think what I got to my masters. I definitely wanted to reconsider wanted to run because when you get to the root and the level and the nature of people's hurt. And we really see the core of what drives behavior often times. It's so much easier to just turn a blind eye on walkaway. Because once you know, you're responsible and accountable in things that's easy to judge. You can no longer. Just judge those things quite so easily. You kind of develop empathy and sympathy for people that sometimes other people don't have empathy and sympathy from any almost kind of puts you in that same category. What you do empathize with the other side, you know, so it's kind of like the balancing act. Balancing act, so how long have you been in the mental health professionals have been in the midst of healthy mystique approximately says two thousand eight our had to say so a little over two routing years. Mark. And I started off on a very direct care level as I continue to progress through. Academically to rise up. I guess the food chains chain. So to say I started off at the literally very ground level doing. I started off as a PRP, which is a psychiatric rehabilitation worker. They worked wreck in conjunction with their. They do a lot of community based work with now break down for us and put it in say, everyday lane was your street terms is that funny is at bipolar Russian. So is all of that for young people for children and adolescents. It can be anybody with any type of mental health issue. You the apparent and say, you know, what my child has extreme anger issues. They have poor social skills, and that is a council like myself can come along, and we can work with them when those skills but in real life situations. I take them out for group of kids, and as usual, some type of conflict will happen in the moment when I see the conflict arise, you know. You can give them step by step ways to handle the conflict without fighting or without being verbally aggressive without being Cheyenne, quiet. You know, you literally can model enroll play in the moment with children, I know some adults and he's so. We do you know, I've done that. With the does the adult level looks like helping parenting skills connected them to resources in the community, helping to allow applications that a lot of adults take for granted that they can do some people challenge with that is you know, I was blessed very early on in my career to be able to help work with all types of individuals to get them to that next level. And that next step before they need to be, but yeah, absolutely, right. It's it's a lot. And you see a lot in view where you base where new C ally. Like, for instance, what was something we had have been in the area just within the last couple of days where a hospital in Maryland. Walk the lady out in a wheelchair to a bus stop and nothing but her hospital gown and left her there at the bus stop blessedly, though. There was someone that works in the mental health

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