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And the bases empty in the fourth got the scoring started with his seventh home run on a three two pitch it was a very good at bat now he's worth account in his favor no takes a little bit low and away so they got ahead oh two and then he did not chase he did not strike zone right now he's got a three okay relight city right here newest motion the three oh fastball outside and that's what happens when you hit a home run a little bit differently and that's why lloyd mcclendon always preaches you have to be willing to take your walks in the only way you get there is by doing damage when the pitches in the strike zone well that's right which he did and pitchers very hesitant wasn't he this is a team that's right at the bottom has been all your terms of their walk rate that's not abnormal for young team still learning the strike zone it's kind of a two step process isn't it learning trying to pitch to you and then recognizing the pitches right gration greiner takes a slider first strike on the outside corner irene tigers in the fourth grade al ceylan always said that to me know how they're pitching you and it really does work but then you have to make sure when you when you figure it out that you don't miss when you get the pitch right can handle i'll never missed i've missed strike one on grayson greiner he took a call third is first time up swings here hits ground ball suffered a short nice big hop for d as an underhand flip the travis for the force on hicks tigers get a walk no more in the fourth inning today's game brought to you by blue cross blue shield of michigan official healthcare provider.

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