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Now. Tom Brady has a new teammates as they take on the lions, but college football action. I k Delaney NBC sports radio. Let's dive right into it. Right now. It's Alabama over Texas AM twenty one to ten to a with two passing touchdowns in that winning effort and four minutes. They'll be in the locker room. Third ranked Clemson has the ball third and seven at Georgia Tech's twenty eight they lead twenty one seven thirty nine seconds tiller in the locker room Trevor Lawrence the quarterback for this. One ninety three passing yards toots ups downs for him fourth-ranked, Ohio State with urban Meyer back leading twenty eight to six less than four to go. They'll hit the halfway time post, whatever of this one Dwayne Hassans proud gun. Crazy two hundred and thirty eight yards passing poor touchdowns West Virginia beating K state fourteen to nothing Virginia Tech over Old Dominion, fourteen seven both of those. Games getting close to the halfway point. Tom Brady has a new teammate as on Sunday night and NBC TV. It's the patriots taking on the Detroit Lions Tom Brady talked about Josh Gordon really been eager to get in there. And learn everything we're doing, and you know. Just try to acclimate himself to the program is. All right. So we look at world of golf thanks for that sound Brady. And Tiger Woods. You know? Those guys are friendly Tiger Woods twelve under at this point. At the latest stop on the PGA tour. That's overall five hundred on the day through eleven he leads the tournament. Justin Rose closest to him. He's eight under and that is his playing partner one under on the day. So Tiger Woods trying to make some noise before they head overseas to Paris with the rest of his teammates for the Ryder Cup Cates. Delaney NBC sports radio..

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