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Of the newspapers I subscribed 2.5 for years. He has the Daily Herald partially because this man's columns Russell Lewis saw joins us Now here on W S. Russell. Welcome back. How are you, sir? Good. John. How are you doing tonight? I'm well, I know it's difficult to get writers on the radio after six. P.m.. Thank you for your contribution, sir. My pleasure. Thanks for having me back on the show. Well, looking at the people who have declared to challenge Adam Kinzinger, assuming he still has a district left when this is all done, and we'll get to that part of the conversation. Fourth with Is there, seven or eight declared challengers to Adam Kinzinger. On the Republican side. There are a total of seven candidates, including representative Kinzinger. There's also one Democrat Challenge so far, Okay, understood. So Let's stay out of these six Republicans. Whatever that means, nowadays challenging Adam Kinzinger over half of them believe that Joe Biden is a discredited And, uh, not not president. Knighted states that Donald Trump is, in fact, the legitimate president States that right for of those six. Well, it really depends on how you want to look at it. Uh, There's at least one of them who insist that Donald Trump is still president. And that's Theresa fast that he is that that Trump is the rifle president of the United States. The others have issued a variety of statements each during interviews to me or in social media, All insisting, and these are four of the six I should say or three of the sex, all insisting that Trump actually won the election. And that Biden, the holds the only the Oval Office only through through trickery and cheating. Theresa. And how do you bounce her last name Fast. I believe. Okay. So Theresa questions how Trump lead in key states on election night but was behind the next day, she realized they in some states. It was against the law to begin to process those ballots until the polls were closed. Uh, Trump voters went out because, he said, don't trust the mail and balance don't trust the absentee ballots. They wound day off where Biden's voters voted by and large that pandemic here that November by mail and other methods, I mean, why can't she wrap her head around this? And I know that's a lot of question. I I don't know it is. It is something that Uh, that republicans who are denying the election? Uh it's one of the points that they're hanging their hat on. And the explanation is very, very simple. There are A number of states Illinois being one of them that have multiple early voting options put in by mail voting in person early, there are states where where you can register to vote and vote early. Much closer to election day. Then you can't even in Illinois, Um And the numbers changed. There was this red Mirage. Somebody who I interviewed last year coined the phrase the Red Mirage, where Republicans went to bed on election night, thinking they were victors and lost in key races once All the early votes and vote by mail. And even the, UM The late arriving vote by mail made a difference in many races. The Lauren Underwood, uh Jim over whites race in particular. Yeah, that took a while to determine who won That Russell Russell Russell lists Oz here from the Daily Herald. You know the mega world number one they didn't expect to win in 2016. They were overjoyed when they did win. And beat Hillary unexpectedly. Then they thought they were going to win in 20, and to have that taken away from that explains some of the anger and distrust in that segment of our society. Who is Geno Young as Hugh musician Kato Young is one of the candidates who has announced that he's running to defeat Adam Kinzinger. He's a musician from Chicago. Of course, under the congressional system. You don't leave me to live within a district in order to serve that district in Congress, although who knows how the map is going to be drawn by the time June, 2022 primary rolls around. What about James Martyr? He's from Oswego, isn't he? James Martyr has run for multiple offices. 30 years he's run percentage. He's run for Congress a couple times. He, uh if you if you go back and look for Northeastern Illinois and and Illinois is a whole, he's been on the ballot quite a bit. So we have martyr Young and I forgot how to pronounce her last name again. I believe it's fast, fat or fast. Fast for a P. It's P f A F F, Okay. And who else is involved here? There's a man from Hanukkah who said Biden friendly, stole the White House from Trump. But he acknowledges that Biden is named president by a legal and constitutional process. Can you get inside this gentleman's I had for me. Uh, you know, I I've spoken with Michael re brunch that that's the gentleman's name. He's an activist from Manuka, a truck driving company. There, um Getting inside candidates head is is not something that I generally do. Um, so I I'd like a side step that the other candidates are Jack's Lombardi. And Catalina, Laos. She had a very slick video. I watched the video when she announced she seems to have some real retail political talents, and she seems very, very charismatic. Tell me a little bit more about her. She's from Woodstock. Yeah. She ran for the 14th congressional district in 2020. And I think was the favorite. Uh and then, and then Jim Oberweis wound up You know? Picking up the the Republican nomination. I think a lot of people thought Catalina was going to was going to take that and face incumbent Democrat Lauren Underwood in the general. Now she's running in in the 16th. She's got more money saved them. The other Republican candidates, the other announced Republican candidate sport for this post. Um Of course, Congressman Kinzinger is leading foreign away when it comes to fundraising and preparedness for the showdown in June. Do you think he has sticks it out or bags this and try something different? You know, I don't know. Uh, I think it's going to depend on a map, uh, that that's going to be a big factor. Um, you know what district is channel? I'm going to be drawn into where he lives. What? What is the area that is now the 16th. What is it going to look like? And, you know, does he even though we insisted he isn't. Is he going to make that run for statewide office, which a lot of people suspect, um, that he's been he's been considering, or will he Run in the 16th whatever the 16th looks like, or run in whatever district China hand gets to run into. You might just call it a day and go into the private sector is going to make a boatload could very well be. Well, thank you for your time. And your analysis Russell. I always appreciate your columns in the Daily Herald. I'm a subscriber and a happy subscriber. I like to support the papers are still hanging on. Thank you, John. I appreciate it. Good to talk to you again. All right, Russell, take care. Have a good evening. Russell Loose are from the Daily Herald. Joining us here on WLS. So If your company says To come back to work and you are coming back to work. You must go get the vaccine. Would you possibly say? I have a religious objection to. In fact, I'll prove it to you. Let me sit down here at the Hammond B three. Listen There.

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