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Need sleep you need exercise and you need healthy food and those are the first things ago and of course, in the spring they went so so much because we were all just sort of like. What's happening and so it's important now to prioritize at for our kids because it teaches them how to take care of themselves in times of stress so that they can thrive because they actually can thrive right now. You know and for those who can't thrive, they can certainly do okay and I'm I'm deadly aiming for. Okay. Not You know this is the best they're going to be in the best I can offer right now. What do you suggest for kids who are feeling the anxiety and just really really living it and breathing it? Well I. Making, sure. They understand that it makes sense that they feel anxiety. So they're not. Feeling like they're alienated or they're having the wrong feelings, it's pretty adaptive to feelings -iety right now. Sometimes, it's maladaptive feelings -iety because it doesn't match the situation you imagine worse case scenario, you go down a road that is just totally Negative and you drive yourself into these unnecessary worries. But right now it's totally appropriate to have some anxiety it would be. Inappropriate. Almost to have none, it would mean that you just haven't. Paid any attention in aren't going to be a hugely. Successful at survival where should you be left out on your own which are not going to be So I think honoring the fact that it's totally normal to feel some anxiety right now, and then once you can connect over how? That makes sense and help them name what that that is then asking them what they want their plan to be. How much time during the day you WanNa. Give space for that anxiety. Let's. Let's carve it out like you're you're having your friend over for coffee your friend anxiety you're not going to not be friends with this person. You just don't WanNa like have them over a whole meal you WanNa have a little bit of a snack or a coffee, and then send them on their way till the next day. So you treat anxiety with a little bit more compassion and less rejection..

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