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Break. Winging it is not an emergency plan. Make sure your kids know what to do during an emergency who to call where to meet, what to pack. Search ready kids at NYC dot gov or call three one one A public service announcement brought to you by the New York City office of emergency management and the Ad Council. Once upon a morning there was a freshly brewed me-. He was made with one hundred percents arabica beans. Something was missing in the distance sausage mcmuffin. Quest for breakfast. The perfect care. Mad at McDonald's and mornings were happy forever. After. Right now, get a one dollars small coffee and a two dollars sausage mcmuffin with the one two. Three dollar menu participation may vary. Cannot be combined with any other offer combo meal. It's the presidency sale at mattress firm right now, we dropped the price of a king mattress to a Queen and the price of a Queen win. So you can save up to six hundred dollar store wide. Plus, you'll get a free adjustable base with your mattress up to a six hundred ninety nine dollars value free or get assertive memory foam, Queen mattress, only three hundred ninety seven dollars. Hurry in to get our best deal of the year. Your budget stretches further at mattress firm, restrictions apply. Vow to participating locations will be offered. You tells visit mattressfirm dot com slash do. You get a raise or something year. Right. Then how can you afford to drive that huge car? I mean, the gas on that baby must be crazy. I pay less for gas. Everyone else. I have the free get upset app. So I get up to twenty five cents a gallon cashback every time I buy gas. Wait, you get enough to twenty five cents a gallon cash back with the free get upside. And when you use the promo code Bank, you get an additional twenty cents a gallon cash back on your first fill up to forty five cents a gallon cash-back. Yeah. And the money you get back as quickly plus you can cash out whenever you want promo code Bank for a bonus twenty cents a gallon cash breath that's up to forty five cents cash. Back on your first fill up, I need to stop paying full price. But yes, oh, yeah. You do I'm downloading the upside. At now. Download the free get upside out give money back. Every time you pump gas use promo code Beck for a bonus twenty cents a gallon cashback on your first up that's up to forty five cents a gallon cashback, all your very first villa. The get upside out promo code thing. Wherever you go. However, you go for energy on the go. It's got to be five hour energy. It works fast. It works long. It tastes good. And with zero sugar and four calories. There's nothing holding you back fits your pocket fits your backpack. Fits your on the go life. Whether you're going to work going on vacation for just going out with friends five hour energy energy on the go. For more information. Visit five hour energy dot com. Proops.

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