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I do not have knowledge of that. No sorry. I know she did not play last week when they beat the north north western. So that'll be interesting situation with who's your basketball had worn central number one and number two. So in theory potential state championship. Caliber game, you know on the on the pairing show. We obviously spent quite a bit of time talking about sexual number ten cathedral because you know, that game Tuesday night with north central warrants central to ranked teams there that is a tremendous game. You have Lawrence north who takes on the winner of that one. So those are the three ranked teams in that sectional and their ears heritage Christian. You think about this in a sexual heritage Kristen knocked all of his favourite. But they're they're they're right where they need to be in the bottom half of the bracket. Well, yeah. And they had a big win over homestead on night. So playing playing well with the right time the Tuesday night for girls basketball, be interesting because Bedford north Morrison Jeffersonville. They also other and Belmont. And nor while I was at that game during the regular season, which was an outstanding game at Belmont one. And that rematch had a lot to say about wins that sectional you're right. Because you know, what you got teams like this squaring off against one another so early. Yeah. Why not have some great matchups in? And you're right. So you know, where you're going to be or you still figuring it out. Well, definitely gonna be cathedral. And then. We'll just see how Wednesday goes Wednesday actually, make it to a boys game, Carol, Carol. Allen county. Plays Huntington north and Huntington north been having a very good year. Carols always a strong team. So that's that'll be a boys game wins. The and then Friday just kind of see who wins. And but tomorrow is the Ray Compton bankers life house extravaganza. So I will be at bankers life Fieldhouse tomorrow, and you can get your who's your basketball magazine. At I feel Hauser who basketball magazine dot com. I have to run thank you so much for the call have a great day. We'll talk tomorrow night. Josh. Hi, everybody. Josh is a high school basketball player solid shooter. Green tea me. Hey, don't forget, my he's my son. So what does Josh do to be the best basketball player? He can be. I play tennis. Studies show that student athletes here Indiana who play more than four are more likely to accept this does more than improve Josh's condition. It gives him a fresh.

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