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We had yesterday. We have rain tonight. I think. Yeah. Rain rain later today and into the evening yet. Wow. You're way are the middle of may and really felt like late October November. It has absolutely has. So I'm breakout of what a win cubs yesterday. I saw that. Yeah. Wow. I went to the game on what's it was that we went Wednesday night where it was the what do you call it? God. I can't even think of it. Yes. Oh, the double play that was phenomenal later. And it was funny. We were getting I posted that we were at the game that we were getting a tornado warnings and thunderstorm warnings. And they started the game early Wednesday. There was a tornado world people text all the comments at Facebook. Like get out there, you're going to die and tell you, and then when it's extra innings, and I thought to myself God, we're never going to get outta here. We're going to be so what a way to go. No Wrigley field. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. That would be a way to go. I I do that. I'll do that. All right. So here's a cool history. Nineteen oh four Canada Dry. Ginger ale was introduced there was a guy the oldest son of Robert McLaughlin, who was the founder of a carriage at motorcar company ginger ale. He was he was appointed to the Royal household of the governor general of Canada and the label featured a beaver atop of Bank of Canada was replaced by the present crept thrown and shields. I guess that's what it was originally packaged. Like, he began shipping this product to New York became so popular that he opened a plant in Manhattan. Sean. Shortly thereafter, and the rest is history. That is the judge Canada Dry. Yeah. You said the man's name that started it or McLaughlin, McLaughlin. I wonder if that was the same guy that had a make coffee. There was a brand of coffee by parents bought when I was a boy called McLachlan's manor house coffee. Okay. I haven't I haven't seen it in years. It's probably not around anymore. But you know, it's a food. You know? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. Beverage item. Eight nineteen seventeen six weeks after the United States formally entered the first World War, the US congress passed the selective service act of may eighteenth, nineteen seventeen giving the US president the power to drive soldiers jet Josh's got his letter in the mail eighteen they still send them. I did not know they did that. But when it came I was like, what is this? Yeah. They certainly do. Yeah. I received and Josh is about ready to graduate. Yes. Oh, congratulations. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. But when I was his age, I was about ready to get out of high school. I received a selective service card in the mail. It wasn't a letter. It was just a card and card in there too. My group just got out from under the draft where there was a lottery for Vietnam while just under the wire for it. And then there was nothing of early seven. Okay. Okay. So things were as said winding down over yet. And they really kind of work winding down. But still for decades, you got that letter. You got that car? A little nerve writing five years prior to that nineteen sixty-nine nineteen sixty eight very much. So and that was at the height of the time of dry car draft card burners tra- sure people defecting to Canada. Yup. So I didn't realize they still send it out. Yeah. Yeah. I still got it who we ask. They know who he is absolutely nineteen thirty eight the adventures of Robin Hood directed by Michael Curtis. William cuddly and start Aeroflot Olivia to have. When the reason I brought that up because I remember watching this unfounded, cloudy classic..

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