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It's bullseye jesse thorn next up chris stella alonso she's a veteran stand up comic and actress you might have seen her on her abc sitcom chris stella she was the creator the star and she also wrote and produced it alonso was actually the first latina ever to do all those things on one tv show she was born in a small town in south texas her mom was an immigrant whose visa expired krystelle remember having to hide her from the cops coming home every day wondering if her mom might have gotten picked up in the latest workplace rate christina was also really really poor growing up and that's something she talks about a lot in her comedy when we talked last year it was just after she dropped her netflix special lower classy it's a very funny owed to that time in her life she talks about poverty about immigration depression all with a warm smile and infectious laugh in fact i don't think you could find a warm or more infectious comedy performance than crystal in this clip from lower classy she's talking about how she never really thought about poverty and stuff as a kid until it came to her favorite band new kids on the block let's listen that was in fourth grade i realized i was poor because that was a really big fan of new kids on the block loved them right i couldn't afford to see them in concert right so i had this fantasy when i was a kid you know that i was going to meet them and they were gonna fall in love with me right no joke guys this was the fantasy fourth grade i was gonna be the made on their tour bus and i was going to clean things so good that they were gonna fall in love with me like in my head i thought they were going to get on the tour bus and they were going to be like oh my god who made that bed right there you know know what what i mean and then i would say i made that bed and they would be like we love you now and i'm like that was it that was in fourth grade crystal welcomed the bulls eye it's great having on the show it's good to be here thank you for having me that is maybe the single saddest stand up comedy i've ever watched anyone performing my entire life and i've seen a lot of stand up comedy thank you i told my wife the setup for that bit last night and she nearly started crying having had it related to her well you know yeah i know i know but that's kind of kind of like a that's what makes stand of cool is when you can actually make jokes about something that sad because everything can be funny if you have the right angle perspective to it you know but yeah i totally get it is this is this like something that you discovered along the way that you could actually just write jokes about the literal satis parts of your entire life yes it was actually one of those things where my life overall has been pretty sad.

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