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Four three on with. Mario lopez. Morial Lopez get on the phone because our buddy film critic van Lyons is Colin from Park City Utah out there for the Sundance film festival. How's it going? Through my happy place. Three. Mario Lopez movie turns into a forecast later and can get home. Watching movies by myself, but man, wate shaming from Ben Lyon. That's a new one. Now, this place is great. I've seen a few headlines about the Shiloh buff movie. Have you seen it? Fourteenth street. I've never seen a film so personal creative. I've had a chance to premier moved to tears. Based on his life. He plays his father who was an ex rodeo clown who marijuana on the side of the highway. So you wonder why might have had some problems a little later on in his life. Lucas hedges? Please the modern day in a performance that eerie. Eerie of how antennae as shy and. So lay it all out there on the line to put your whole life out there. The whole world takes a lot of courage, and bravery and Honey boys might. That makes me want to check it out. All right. Well, Ben hang side. I want to hear about some of the documentaries you've been seeing anti-colonial more. So we're going to be back with Ben Lyons insect on with. Mario Lopez next studio. Remember, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance at geiko dot com. It's Bobby bells.

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