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It's it's next up we have mr kurt fuller who talked about many times on the show he was a miracle mile an hour vaira mistress of the dark as well as the running man and as we said earlier this is also slightly abridged i didn't miss too much of this but i just wonder set it up a little bit he's talking about his fall back career in case acting doesn't work out being a real estate agent so on who i don't want plan b two b dina waiter because he's you know if you don't give me so i thought you will say roussin peanut he bagging didn't work out i could still pursue the chronicle june hours now be this will you want about sixty hours a week you really do but there your own hours on so it allowed me paul you know go to reversals in deep theater i didn't have an agent with me hugging line years relieved again nate i mean i will illusion i will lower rio you know i was i was hanging who reject a law and god it was just sat lucky boy of getting that play almost argo offline neighbor ari gross who was one of my closest friends the time and he was hoping steven berkoff to produce this play m e convinced me to go audition for i was not gonna i wasn't now it was just a series of rocky events and i was tired all the time i didn't sleep very much uh i was young fish un gish at the time and i couldn't do it now but i could do it well on on i was full of uh a full of ambition i'm in law i was i will say i was a super ambitious very competitive person i can class what kept me acts were kept me going on but just the level during the girls tell me what do you remember about being on the running man i will living in in an apartment in hollywood and my neighbor was an actress who is in he man plays uh rich dolphins food righthand grown and karen hopkins she's also wrote a couple a couple of good movies but at the time she was an actress and the director paul michael graves or they were looking for some by the sort of a bag somebody just for the book they and even.

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