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Welcome to the ninety rant with your hosts bike Antara. This is the show where we examined society from sarcastic point of view. He like in Saint conversations, this is definitely show for you. Let's get into today's topic. I can't believe it. We finally hit the two hundred episode of the nightly rant. I didn't think we'd last five episodes let along two hundred well since we made it to two hundred we should tell everyone how things are actually going to change a little bit going forward. Yep. We're changing things that starting with episode two. Oh, one we'll have a new intro and tro. Yup. And our topics will be more interesting and more detailed. Well, that sounds like fun. What did we decide to do for this episode with you? Remember, the two hundred up Assode is going to be a look back at the previous hundred and ninety nine episodes. We're going to be hearing snippets from the various shows. And we'll comment on what we've selected to share. Oh, yeah. Now, I remember. Well, we hope you enjoy this two hundred episode of the nightly rant now in this clip from our very first episode. You will hear me talk about how staying busy and having work does wonders for yourself esteem. Yep. Especially when your financial future depends upon being busy. Let's have a listen..

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