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Taste of resist and bite brand new music. Yeah you get a little taste. We're going to give you the whole song at the end of today's episode. A whole song called the myth. I'm living and you're GONNA love it. This is the Decibel Geek podcasts. In case you didn't know my name is Aaron Camaro and I'm always joined by awesome for Zach albums. Unleash baby it's back. Yeah I'm excited this one. We said we'd be doing more of these more often in here. You go another one just weeks after toby right. Do an allison chains jar of flies today. We've got Tommy Ski. Oh and we're breaking down Tesla's PSYCHOTIC supper. This is going to be a good one. I love this album albums. So much and Super excited to have Tommy on the show as I mentioned Recently Tom is going to be at the rocket pod. Expo on Saturday August fifteenth may be playing at the pre party on August fourteenth. Who else is going to be there that night? Playing Troy Lucchetta Magic could take place. That would be amazing and I would love to see that happen. And if it's in the cards if the planets align which you've done everything you can do to align the place it's gotTa happen. Yeah it would be great but I know there's GonNa be a lot of Tesla fans listening to this episode's I'll want to put that out there. That Choi Lucchetta anti-mosquito be part of rock and POD. Weakened August Fourteenth Fifteenth and Sixteenth Expo on the Fifteenth Hilton National Airport Go to rock and POD DOT COM. See the full guest list other. Rockstar is going to be there. It's going to be a fun weekend and Yeah we went up to Kentucky today and to a home. Studio that Tommy's working out of this is This is GonNa be fun that you guys are going to really enjoy. Yeah there's some magic coming out of that studio up there. I mean this is a demo version. Today what you're going to hear at the end of the episode killer and you're GonNa love it but before we get to the festivities at hand man we got to take care of our business and our business is and always will be getting the sweet reviews that you awesome people give to us. We've got a couple of great ones here today. Let's start out with apple podcasts review. Because this one's got them all five stars it's entitled what's in your ears and it goes a little something like this for me. It's this podcast. Two guys that know hard rock and metal the way me and my friends do great conversations interviews with people in the industry and a spotlight on new music. You will not be disappointed that goes to us from. Dj Sacrifice via apple podcasts awesome. I liked that a lot. Hey look here could it be? I see some stars pink. It's a Pod chaser review. Can you believe it fantastic? Oh It's two stars you're GonNa hear the review and be like. Why is this two stars? I think our friend may have messed up on the star right. Let's check it out. Oh Nice this comes to us from our good friend. Ray coon from the band Donna. The rising yes. They've got a brand new EP out. Yeah we're going to be spending some of that for you because they want you to hear it. We WanNA play for you so keep your ears open for that. Maybe next week review goes like this. I totally dig the Decibel Geek. Podcast one hundred percent kick ass content and great informative information on my favorite rock and metal artists. Plus there's some funny comments and topic's going on as well plus I have learned about new rock artists. I've never heard of before like I was turned onto a group called animal drive from Croatia. I remember animal drive yet awesome. This is one of my new top favor bands. Now do yourself a favor and check their show out. If you love all things rock and metal sincerely Ray coon. Thank you right fantastic. Awesome very cool so then the other people. We love the gigs of the week. These are people that share on. Facebook RE tweeted on twitter. Last week's new experiment rock MAG eighty three. I think it went pretty good. I did it went. Thank you guys so much for the great comments on that. I think everybody seem to like it. I can always tell if it's going to be good based on how funny it is record. Yeah when was a lot of fun to record and I'm glad everybody else got a laugh out of it too. Yeah I'm Still Mad. At dickey's that was criticizing rush. Yeah that was. What was her problem? I don't know she just don't get it unreal absolutely gigs of the week this week. Scott crowds brand could tell Erin. Martell Boko Capone John Phillips. Chris Fretwell Shannavy Gregg Troy for Stoke Simon Cat. Adam Cox the bakery podcast Brad. Schick Joshua toomey Jason blue-sky Allen Tate. Trevor McDougal Aaron Baker Kevin Williams in Obscurity podcast. Jeffrey Mendenhall David Glenn Mike Parnell Brian Nap. Kristen Back Sean. Cullen Darren Parkin Cool World Bill. Destroy your senior Paul Corn Robin Hood Vet Halen eloquent rocker. Allow that Jeff Taylor Nesto Aguilar a lot David Kathy and is always the move all right. Those are people they care about us. They love US enough to share. It re tweeted. Let the world know that rock and roll is alive the Decibel Geek. Podcast WILL NEVER BE DIRAC. And we're going to have a good time just celebrating the music we love. Are you ready for albums unleashed yes? Let's do it here. It is Tommy. Skiavo breaking it all down for us about the fantastic album. Tesla's psychotic.

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