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It's greats candle in the dark are you required to call him, Dr Renan fair, I actually on the content. Let's talk about this. When the Mike's on. Yesterday, interview congresswoman elect Yulon, Omar from Minnesota who she supports the boycott divestment and sanctions or BBS movement. Also, interestingly her income in Cali receded Salib is announced she's going to lead a delegation of new members to the West Bank nocco on the traditional APEC sponsored trip to Israel during August, recess which is actually a big deal in part because that trip is seen as influential. But it's often as you know, led by leadership like Steny Hoyer or Kevin McCarthy. And so it's good politics for you inside your caucus to go in this and some feel maybe pressured to go support to go. So I was hoping you could explain what the movement is in why you think it's a bad strategy or bad movement. And I also wonder if you think that there's the potential for a major shift in sentiment in terms of US is really policy in congress specifically. Yeah, I don't see a major shift. I mean, there are some new voices. And there are at least a couple of people who have articulated some support for. I think they'll be an. Tiny minority of members of the new majority who will take that view. I do oppose boycotts investment of sanctions against Israel. I think those are the wrong strategies. I think they're unfair in many cases, not everybody. But there are people who adhere to those tactics who think fall into antisemitic attitudes, and sort of de-legitimize ation, not just of Israel policy, but actually fully Israeli existence. And I think those are things that we as a party and me personally as an American I think we should oppose. So that's again falls on the shoulders of people in the party like me to make that argument to younger American voters, younger Democrats who don't know all of the history don't know all of the reasons for Israel's existence. It's legitimacy the tragedies of Jewish history when were statelessness for many centuries and the return to a homeland, which by the way, President Obama spoke so movingly about including in the speech that you know, Ben, and I worked on together that he he made when he visited Israel in two thousand thirteen that those are important principles that we we should. Lucite of and you can maintain fully those principles and also be fully committed to the very legitimate aspirations Palestinians, hold for statehood for self determination. And when necessary be critical of the Israeli contribution to the stalemate that's prevented that from happening while I think also being realistic about Palestinian contributions to that stalemate. Now, the version of the question of who goes on what trip I think is is sort of not that important. I think congressional travel is really important. You would host all these people. I must have hosted several hundred members of congress while I was in Bassett or someone APEC trips. I'm Jay streets trips someone trips just under the congressional authority some on their own the important thing is to get out of Washington is to go to the places where you're going to need to cast votes or you're going to cast votes on policy issues that affect those questions talk to the people on all sides talk to these really military commanders talked to the full diversity of Israeli political opinion talk. Two Palestinians of something that we did. And President Obama was did when he would get out there. And you know, to say, you know, APEC has has really made a commitment to try to do this in a bipartisan way, they do that trip with a Republican version and the democratic version, you know, their brand is, you know, it's a big tent, and you can be in that tent of supporters of the relationship, but also support of two states and even even critic of certain policies, but you know, Jason takes a somewhat different approach. But I think it's all valid, and it's all it's all worth wild to go. I hope that those members who say they're not going to go on those trips and they wanna go and talk to Palestinians in the West Bank. Which is a great thing to do. We'll also take the time to talk to his rallies and hear their experiences and try to understand how it looks from their perspective..

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