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Point of view roller coaster video hall. That's always been. That's always been a weak spot for me if I if they made. Channel TV channel that was just first person point of view roller coaster on ride videos. I would watch twenty four hours a day. One hundred percent. Yeah. You're gonna turn it off with funny is you I have not seen you react like that since the plane took off to fly to to fly to Cleveland. You're grabbing people. I mean, you would your backing away from the computer monitor because of the haven't gone to one of these parks in a long long time. So this is new technology for me. You know what I mean? Like, I didn't know what they were doing with roller coasters. Now, your husband into those at all, no. So this all the new stuff, and when I say new I mean in the last twenty years, right? It's come a long way. And it's terrifying. I mean a good way. Yes. But it looks it looks like now, it looks like back pain looks like oh, wow. You are old you, and you and Alex complaining on my inner ear and chest pain. Yeah. Why don't you grow some breasts, and then put one of those bars, then let's talk gear. Yeah. Okay. So now the roller coaster industry is sexist. Well, this is terrible news. Investigators have been searching for eight year old Noah MacIntosh for quite some time. Now, the boy's mother and the boys father are arrested on suspicion of child cruelty. And the grandparents say, they're pretty sure that no one is no longer with us. Yeah. Bryce macintosh. Thirty two is dad Jillian Godfrey thirty-six mom, both arrested both charged and made their joint initial court appearance on Friday afternoon. Here is a terrifying thing. Last night as they continue the search for Noah. Was a plumber called to the home. Thirty seven said why they brought the plumber what they were looking for in the home on Temazcal canyon road in the apartments there. Now, add to the mystery of all of this. There was something taken out of the house last night. Evidence was taken out of the apartment, but police didn't give any indication what the item was before they loaded it into the police truck sergeant there with the corona police said that they were back at the suspect's apartment looking for further evidence of Noah's whereabouts, and they've continued to work over the past week as they investigate all the information received. This kid hasn't been seen for three weeks and was not reported missing. He was only brought to the attention of thirties last week when police were called and asked to do a welfare check on the kid now, apparently, according to her parents, it was mom that called police because dad would not allow her to see him. But yet both have been arrested on suspicion of child cruelty. Listen to do with something that happened in February. And they haven't given details about what that was. There's an eleven year old girl in all of this as well. It's no assist or they believed that she's fine. In fact, when the cops did go to the apartment to check on Noah's wellbeing, and they found dad the eleven year old sister was there was fine. Now, I don't know if she has given information that may describe or help police with with Noah's whereabouts or what but they had to call in that Plummer as I mentioned to for whatever reason they did. And there's a couple of things there's a couple of reasons. One of them is simple that that plumbers nowadays a lot of them have cameras. Yeah. And those cameras can either look at walls, obviously, not in a pipe, but you know, looking into walls perhaps and see what's behind their grandfather guy by the name of Doug Godfrey told KTLA Friday. He's lost. All hope the boy is still alive. He said I just about cried myself out. I know he suffered. He says that he and his wife had raised this boy for more than seven years. He described Noah is a bright student, a beloved grandson kind brother who just adored his older sister. But he believes the grandson is dead. He says dad, the the boys the boys data's refused to cooperate with officials. And dad said about his son. I know he has a violent temper, I think something may have gotten out of hand excuse me. This is the the mother's father not. Yeah. Jillian Godfrey Bryce MacIntosh is is dad of Noah and Doug Godfrey said of MacIntosh. He's a violent man, I worried that he would kill the whole family. So you can imagine grandparents not just the connection to their son. But actually having raised their kids their grandkids for years. Now, the grandfather said he actually called child protective services about a year ago fearing that Noah was being abused. But the case workers figured out that there was no cause to actually take the boy away at the time. We don't know much about that case specifically because the spokesman for the agency in Riverside County wasn't gonna comment because of privacy regulations. Of course. But that's a a horribly sad thing. And everybody's involved in this. I mean FBI Riverside County sheriff corona police department Riverside County DA's office all of them looking for for Noah. All right coming up next. Tuesday means tasty Tuesday with Nielsen Vedro, our fork reporter, let's see here. We've got cheese whiz on the menu. We've guides chicken breast is it good. Or is it bad? That's also on the menu. What about your lucky charms and lucky charms? Okay. All of that is coming up next. Gary and Shannon will continue Monica. What's up some USC students are unable to sign up for classes because they may have ties to the emissions bribery scandal. USC says students whose parents bought their admission could be expelled or have their admission revoked more than thirty parents have been charged with bribing their children into USC UCLA, Stanford and other schools UC Berkeley was just added to the list the federal tax code may soon be audited because of the cheating scandal. Oregon democratic Senator Ron Wyden says he wants to ban tax deductions for donations to schools such as USC and UCLA the raise private money to fund infrastructure research and scholarships. Wyden says his proposal would only apply to donations from parents while their kids are trying to get into a good college. He says he wants to eliminate the so-called back door benefit for the wealthiest families around. Fifty people have been charged in connection with a bribery scheme that helped high-schoolers get into some of the best colleges in the country. Debra Mark KFI news. Brought to you by the Barnes firm. One eight hundred eight million the Pentagon has given congress a list of. The Pentagon is given congress solicit more than four hundred military construction projects around the world that may be put off to pay for the border wall. Thirty one of those projects are in California and includes upgrades at Camp, Pendleton airfield maintenance at Marine Corps, air station, Miramar and a new pier at naval base, San Diego tournament road and chino hills to fix it. Back does.

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